Oh, The Difference a Year Makes…

Tory here!

First of all I can’t tell you how many people have been checking in on us since Brandi’s latest post. Phone calls started pouring in. Text messages everyday of how we are holding up. Man, we feel loved. So loved. Thank you everyone.

Brandi and I have been talking a lot the last 48 hours. Its been full of sleepless nights, headaches, stress eating (hey whats a girl to do??), and just wondering why? Why??

On Wednesday Brandi went in for her ultrasound and was told there was fluid in her uterus. Her lining looked nice and thick, excellent (this is HUGE) and her estrogen level was perfect! But still this fluid business – well its scary. If you google it – which we both did….a million times – basically it means Baby Boy Daudelin will be floating in her uterus and will not able to attach and implant. They will not transfer our little boy if there is fluid – he won’t have a shot.

The fluid is typically just a reaction to the crazy high amount of estrogen Brandi has in her system right now from her drugs. 3x what a normal woman has in her system. They told us Wednesday that they will have her come in again at 7am Sunday for an ultrasound and HOPEFULLY her body will have absorbed it by then.

But Brandi and I have both been so nervous about what IF there is fluid in there Sunday?? What happens then?? Will they have to cancel her cycle?? (AKA have her go off the meds and start them all over again – this would be nearly another 2 months).

So I had a heart to heart with the doctor today and I am feeling so much better and wanted to update you all!

The doctor is very optimistic that one of two things will happen.

1. There will not be fluid on Sunday and that her body will have absorbed it naturally.

2. IF that has not happened they will have her start progesterone injections and that will help her body to absorb fluid.

The doctor explained it like this. Think of the estrogen she is taking like a fertilizer on a lawn. It makes the grass aka uterine lining grow lush and thick. Progesterone is the lawn mower – cleaning everything up and making it a nice habitat for a baby. We need a thick cushy lining for the baby to implant in.

In this scenario they will have take the progesterone shots right up until transfer. 24 hours before the transfer they will do one last ultrasound to confirm the fluid is gone.

BUT….. and this was HUGE – He is no where near cancelling her cycle. He thinks these two plans of attack should remedy the solution. And he is optimistic we will transfer first week of Oct.

Can I get a PHEW?!!!

Brandi has been talking about timing. That we don’t know why things happen the way they do. And I have been wallowing in that to be perfectly honest.  But then I realized something. Our new transfer week, the week we “conceive” Baby Boy Daudelin is the same week a year ago we conceived the child we lost to miscarriage.

It’s the week a year ago this whole journey started.


Oh the difference a year makes…


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