Baby Boy Daudelin is a Go…THIS FRIDAY!

Tory here!

YOU GUYS!!!! Baby Boy Daudelin is A GO! This is by far one our happiest days in this journey.

I woke up at 5:20 am to be able to go to Brandi’s ultrasound at 7am in downtown Minneapolis. As you guys know this ultrasound was crucial. It was the ultrasound that told us if the fluid in her uterus was gone so we could in fact transfer our baby boy.

I can’t tell you what it felt like to see my surrogate’s van at the clinic and look in and see  a unicorn on her dashboard when I pulled up. (Although we both have done many appointments this was our first medical appointment together at the clinic at the same time). I know this may seem like a small moment but it was this moment of oh my God – this angel is HERE.  For ME?! To help me! When she has no reason to – just that she saw someone in need and was brave and kind enough to say I want to help. I felt so honored and grateful and LUCKY in that moment. That she signed up to fight this battle right along side with me. To make my impossible – possible. To be a unicorn to someone.

I went inside and although we were SO excited of course we were nervous! And since this was the first medical appointment together (and hopefully one of MANY ultrasounds) we were both nervous on that front too. Brandi didn’t want to let me down. But truly she never could. Since this news hit last week what I have told Brandi is that if there is ANYONE who understands what its like when your body doesn’t do what its supposed to – its me. And that all I was there for was to give her empathy and love. SO MUCH LOVE regardless of the results.


The ultrasound image!


See that that shape in the middle? My first thought was OMG is that the fluid? Scared me half to death…but NOPE, its her THICK cushy uterine lining for baby boy to nestle into! Measuring 9 mm when even 6 would have been great, which is wonderful.

The tech said she could see a TINY TRACE of fluid on the outter rim, but THAT BASICALLY IT WAS GONE! Her body was rectifying the situation and absorbing the fluid. It just needed a little bit of time. YAY!!!! The answer to SO many prayers (thank you by the way!!!)

So, what does this all mean?!!

In simple terms, it means we are getting Brandi pregnant with our baby boy on Friday!!!!!

In more proper terms it means we are conducting our embryo transfer Friday. Brandi will start taking progesterone shots starting TONIGHT which will help dry up that tiny trace of fluid and will help her body accept and keep the baby. She will take it through the first trimester (every time the nurse said trimester I nearly squealed!!) The doctor will do one last ultrasound Thursday 24 hours before the transfer JUST to ensure the fluid is fully gone. But when we asked him if he is concerned at all about it – he said nope. That its just protocol and to assume Friday is GO TIME.

Throughout this journey we have noticed this really weird theme. MAJOR things keep happening on birthdays. Brandi’s first major appointment in March was on her youngest’s birthday. My first round of IVF’s egg retrieval surgery fell on my hubby’s birthday. I started my second round of IVF on my mom’s birthday. And now the transfer date is falling on my late grandma’s birthday AND my best friend’s baby’s birthday. (Her son was an absolute miracle baby in his own right – her placenta was half dead and yet he made it –  so we are officially calling September 29th Miracle Day. She got her miracle baby boy and hopefully we will too!)


Right after the craziness of this morning I took future big sis, Teagan, out to our local Fall Festival to celebrate with a dear friend of ours! She wanted to get her face painted. Guess what she asked to be?



A unicorn.

#unicornsarereal #teamT4



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