Meet Tory (The Intending Mother)



Hi! My name is Tory.  Thank you for being here! I am married to my highschool sweetheart Travis. We met at 16 at Eastview High school in Apple Valley! We both went to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where I graduated with a degree in Marketing and he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

After graduation we got married on the Northshore of Lake Superior in Northern Mn at Lusten Lodge. (We just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!)

Two weeks after our wedding  we moved out to Seattle for our first big adventure! Travis worked for and I worked for Thomson Reuters. After a few months in Seattle we built our dream house in the mountains. The following April Fools Day we got the best news of all – we were pregnant and about to go from T2 to T3 (Tory, Travis, and Baby T)! 9 months later our world changed forever and we welcomed our daughter, Teagan Caroline (named after my twin sister) into the world on December 11, 2014. I quit my job and now stay home full time and love the terrific twos.

After 4 WONDERFUL years in Seattle we moved back to be with family this past summer. We bought a house in the neighborhood next to my parents.  In our spare time, we love exploring MN lakes, canoeing,  mommy me toddler classes, hiking, play dates, going to every park we can find, and of course figuring out the ins and outs of surrogacy.

We feel so grateful and lucky that Brandi and Bryan and their 4 adorable children have entered our lives. We will never have the words to properly thank them for what they are doing for our family. It sometimes, quite literally, takes a village.  There have been so many signs through out this journey that we are on the right path (a blog post to come ;)). We believe we were meant to do this together.

To Bryan – Thank you for sharing your wife. We know how much falls on the hubby during a pregnancy and the gravity of what we are asking you…. Don’t even get me started on the midnight cravings runs.

To The Kiddos – Thank you for sharing your mom, so that a new life can hopefully be brought into this world. You know the gift of siblings – how selfless of you to share your mom for 9 months so Teagan may potentially know that gift.

To Brandi – I start tearing up even typing this. There are no words. Just a lifetime of thank yous and hugs that will NEVER ever be enough to properly show you what you mean to us.