Our new blog is LIVE. Join us at Trekking with T4 – A Family Travel Blog to see the story continue…

Not ready for Tommy’s story to be over? We are thrilled to announce a new blog! Think of it like a Part 2. What happened AFTER Tommy arrived. What did we do with this family we worked so hard to create? All of our latest shenanigans and adventures will be shared at Trekking with T4 Continue reading “Our new blog is LIVE. Join us at Trekking with T4 – A Family Travel Blog to see the story continue…”

Part 2: What happened after Tommy arrived? A New Blog is Coming Soon!

Blog family! Hello!! It feels so good to be writing again. Two years has gone by since Tommy entered this world and this blog was my heart and soul every week. Excuse my absence… We have been BUSY raising two sweet kids. 😉 They absolutely adore each other by the way and could not beContinue reading “Part 2: What happened after Tommy arrived? A New Blog is Coming Soon!”

Tommy’s First Birthday!

As Teagan would say…ohhh Tommy Thomas the Tank…. Happy First Birthday! A year ago, on June 12th Tommy was born! And he was HUGE and deemed Thomas the Tank Engine by hospital staff.SO Thomas the Tank Engine was the theme… naturally for his birthday party! Snacks included train items like “smoke puffs”, coal (Oreos), cheddarContinue reading “Tommy’s First Birthday!”

Tommy Goes to the Capital!!!

Exactly 9 months ago today this little boy came into the world. And he has been changing it ever since. It’s never too young to fight for what you believe in… So with the help of mom and grandma he rolled his way to the capital to discuss the 2016 Gestational Carrier Act of MinnesotaContinue reading “Tommy Goes to the Capital!!!”

Santa Baby Tommy: And one HUGE bday surprise!

Next week Tommy turns 6 months old and Teagan turns 4!!! These sibs basically share half bdays/bdays. Teags was born on December 11. Tommy June 12. Six months apart (and a day… but close enough ;)). We have a ton to celebrate and have a big surprise for the kids! Well Teags knows, but TommyContinue reading “Santa Baby Tommy: And one HUGE bday surprise!”

A year ago today, our Bun went in Brandi’s oven

A year ago this morning we were busy doing this… Putting Tommy in Brandi’s oven on September 29th. And this morning I am going into my son’s room to give him a bottle. As this day has been approaching, lovingly referred to as Miracle Day around here, I keep saying to me Sept 29th mayContinue reading “A year ago today, our Bun went in Brandi’s oven”

Tommy Turns 3 Months!!

Tommy is officially out of the “4th trimester!!!” He is awake now much of the time, gaining head control more and more everyday (his head was so big this has been a challenge lol!), smiles and coos, and he is so much more interactive. He has such a chill loving personality! A gentle spirit whoContinue reading “Tommy Turns 3 Months!!”