They See Me Rolling…Teags and Tommy’s New Ride

Tory here!

This weekend makes 23 weeks for Tommy! He is now the size of a grapefruit and can be measured in pounds vs ounces. He continues to be a little Energizer bunny in Brandi’s stomach!

On the eve of the second round of IVF in August, I told you guys how we were at the county fair and how our dream next year was to be pushing a DOUBLE stroller…

Well the double stroller came this weekend!

This was the first major purchase of baby gear for our little man. Up until this point mommy has more so been focusing on his nursery and closet…heh 😬 Have I mentioned we live NEXT to Target?! Utterly dangerous.

Teagan loves her new ride. She even put her teddy in it and pretends it’s Tommy. She literally sat in this thing all weekend long asking “Tommy” if he was okay in there.

Today she INSISTED we take her and her stuffed animal yak on a walk outside in it.

…So if you saw a family walking around the neighborhood in freezing temps, pushing a double stroller with ONE kid in it…that would be us 😉


Tommy Sure Does Love Drama…

We are bleeding again 😦

This kid. Man. With EVERY up there is a down. He sure likes being dramatic. And apparently keeping us (and this blog) on its toes.

Brandi called me this afternoon with a little bit of a quiver in her voice. She said she had gone to the bathroom and when she wiped there was blood. Bright red blood. (Which means this is fresh blood – not old dried blood). Similar to the bleeding she experienced at 13 weeks.

She explained that she called the doctor and everyone, including our doc, is very perplexed. Tommy’s anatomy scan was just a week a go. He looked great. His placenta looked great.

What on earth 😦

On a huge positive note Tommy keeps kicking Brandi to reassure us he is still doing okay in there.

She is resting tonight and we HOPE it just stops. If it is keeps going through tomorrow am we need to go in. Or obviously if it gets heavier or cramping begins we go in ASAP.

So now we wait. In limbo – again. A place we are all getting a little too comfortable being in.

It could be nothing. It could be something. Its scary. We are trying to stay positive.

We will keep you updated as we know more….


Tommy is 21.5 weeks today. The size of a carrot.

Image result for 21 weeks pregnant CARROT PARENTS

20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!

Today was the 20 week anatomy scan! The scan where they measure every little bit of baby to make sure he is growing well. From his feet to his heart to his brain they are checking everything out to make sure he is developing properly.

We had two ultrasounds – one to look at Tommy and a vaginal ultrasound to look at the placenta and cervix.

Tommy’s Ultrasound Results:

Just as the PGS report said our little man is perfect! They said he was one of the most photogenic babies they have had in a long time – I swear this kid knows he has a blog he needs to pose for 😉  Tommy is also officially HUGE – just under a pound. He is measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule in size (21.5 weeks at only 20 weeks 2 days gestation). He loves to suck his thumb and stretch out his super long body  (head to rump he is 7 inches long) – he is basically standing on Brandi’s bladder, ha!

His Placenta Ultrasound Results:

With the bleeding at 13 weeks and a low placenta identified at previous appointments this was a huge day because they were able to ALSO see what was going on with the  placenta – not going to lie I have been stressing about it. Last ultrasound they said there was evidence of a possible blood clot – YIKES. But TODAY there is no evidence of a blood clot – it must have reabsorbed!!! AKA it’s gone! And although the placenta does remain low – a vaginal ultrasound confirmed it is far enough away (2.6) from the cervix that Brandi WON’T need a c-section.  She can have a vaginal delivery!

So basically the appointment could not have gone better. Tommy is perfect and his placenta is too. Icing on the cake? We got to feel him today too!

Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking <3…





Look at that cute little nose!


Still a boy 😉
Hands and a straight little pinky!
Yawning away zzzzzz


Blowing bubbles!
27604310_10201221513399593_992778307_o (1)
Sucking his thumb
Toes to head – doesn’t he look so big?!
How adorable is that bump?


Daddy feeling his son kick for the first time!
Mommy feeling him for the first time. This was one of the bigger moments for me. I knew someone was missing from our family and it was my job as their mother to get them here when we started this journey. For the first time he was “here”.


Teagan SO excited to see her brother when we got home. Kids weren’t allowed in the room.
Running away with his pictures she was so excited!

My mom babysat Teagan during the appointment. She told me a story when we got home. And its the perfect way to end this post.

Teagan and her talking…

My mom: “I have 4 sisters.”

Teagan: “You do?? What are their names?”

My mom: “Mary, Helen, Barb, and Kathy”

Teagan: “Oh I don’t have a sister, but I have lots of people who love me. I have mama, Dada, nana, papa, grandma sue, Joe, Aunt Caroline, Uncle Matthew, Grandma Viv, Grandpa Pete, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Carly, …Aunt Brandi, Tommy, and Uncle Bryan.”


19 weeks and…a new URL for the blog!

Tory here!

Tommy is 19 weeks today!!! He is the size of a mango which seems pretty darn big to me. Next week we are officially half way already??? Amazingly it actually IS flying by for me. I thought it would drag on forever….

Tommy is developing his senses this week. Which means at appointments he will start hearing our voices for the first time. 🙂 Oh I can’t wait! His big  20 week anatomy scan is next week! We hope to feel him then too if its not his nap time again 😉

I wanted to ALSO let you all know the blog has a new home as of today! Before it was a free WordPress URL…but today I bought a domain! We officially own, “!” Before it was “”

(AKA it was a mouthful!)

This changes nothing for you though – the other URL will still route here. It’s just easier to Google/remember.

Thanks for being here!

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Teagan’s Take on Tommy’s 18 Week Appointment


My mom let me skip nap and go to my brothers appointment today. Best day ever. I was pretty pumped as you can see!


Brandi gave my mom some gifts that made her give Brandi lots of hugs when she arrived! The sweetest sign from Brandi and a homemade blanket from Brandi’s mom for Tommy. My mom sure does tear up a lot when Brandi is around…she says it’s happy tears though, so it’s okay.

Once we got in the room I tried REALLY hard to feel my brother move! I had my hands all over Brandi’s belly but I guess Tommy must have been taking a nap. (Haha he wasn’t as lucky as me. He didn’t get out of his nap ;)) So instead I tickled Brandi’s belly and played peek a boo with him! I giggle alot when I play with Tommy!

Then they put this thing on Brandi’s tummy and I heard…boom, boom, woosh! My mom was all excited because it was the first time they could hear him on a Doppler! He sounded great!!

Then the best part happened! I asked to SEE him and my mom did too and they let us – again! Mommy says we have the nicest OB ever. Bryan, Brandi’s hubby works at the hospital so he was even able to make the ultrasound last minute! Bryan is super fun, we played lots of games waiting for the ultrasound to be ready.

Tommy was so big he didn’t even fit on their screen they had to zoom out. He is going to be way taller than me I think.

Here are Tommy’s pictures! He likes to suck his thumb when he sleeps. Isn’t my brother cute guys? But remember he’s sleeping so shhhhhhhh no awwing over these pictures 😉

I’m off to bed. Being a big sister is exhausting!















18 weeks

Unicorn post 🦄

We are 18 weeks already! Maybe that’s an “already” to me… to Tory its probably taking forever!  Especially now that Tommy’s room is done!  But, we have to remain patient for another (hopefully) 22 weeks.

Today is our 18 wk appointment.  I’m excited and hopeful for this one in particular.  This last week I was able to feel Tommy move from the outside!  After I felt it I needed to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things.  So I asked my husband to come feel.   Sure enough it was Tommy being super strong!  It was around 11:50 (the time when he’s most active… when I’m trying to sleep…lol). I texted Tory right away and asked if she was still up.   I wanted her to be a part of this moment, even if she was a little ways away.  She quickly texted back she was… so I called her to tell her the great news!  The part that gave me good chills was she was sitting in Tommy’s room in the rocking chair!  (Cue tears)  So I’m hopeful at today’s appointment that Tommy’s long, strong legs are moving around in a way that Tory and big sis can feel it!

A lot of people have been asking how I’m feeling.  I’m past that first trimester hump, thank the Lord! But this trimester comes with its own bits of pregnancy reality.  I would say the top two frustrating parts are the restless leg syndrome (RLS) and the heartburn! I’m sure if people could be a fly on the wall in my house at night they would laugh. Im usually doing squats, dancing or swaying back and forth! But I truly can not sit still! And by the time I can lay down, the heartburn is enough to bring tears to my eyes!  But, these are both things I experienced with my other pregnancies, so it comes as no surprise.  And for me, I continue to be so thankful to God for opening this door and keeping us healthy and safe.  I entered into this journey knowing it may not be all sunshine and roses.  I am 8 years older than my last pregnancy after all.  But man, God is good! And to know I’m bringing a miracle and blessing into this world and the Daudelin family makes it all worth it!

My one saving grace is the body pillow Tory got me!! Oh. Man! Lol. It’s so comfortable that even my kids like laying on it when I’m not! It takes up a fair amount of room in our bed, but oh so worth it!  So thank you Tory!!


As you can see the baby bump is emerging. Some still say it looks like I’m just gaining some weight.  I’m not sure how I feel about that one…lol. But people are also telling me I’m glowing.  I’ll take that!

As I sign off Tommy is swimming around! My hope is you get to read a post soon by Tory about her first time feeling Tommy move! If not today, maybe in 2 weeks at our big 20 week appointment!

God bless all of you!

The Unicorn