Do you have Whiplash yet?

Because I sure do. Our blog went from an already pretty darn dramatic story to the plot of a Lifetime movie today.

My mind is fuzzy. I feel exhausted. If you thought you were already on a rollercoaster with us just you wait for this update.

Brandi and I went to her 24 hours before transfer appointment today. If you read her take on this morning it was not what we anticipated in the slightest. Although the fluid in her uterus  is in fact gone (YAY!) there are pockets of…something in her uterine wall. Not in the part the baby will be in, but like in the uterine mass itself.  The ultrasound tech described it like a sandwich. In the bread there are bubbles. But the toppings and where you spread the mayo looks great AKA where the embie will implant.

Usually after the tech does the ultrasound a nurse comes in to review findings. Well, not only the nurse but our doctor still in his scrubs came in too. In that moment I knew this is serious.

He basically said they haven’t seen this before. That Brandi’s lining is thick and looks great and her estrogen levels look good too.

But he didn’t know what to tell us to do because  – well because he hadn’t seen this before. That’s right. We stumped one of the most senior IVF docs in the state.

His concern was this – they can’t control where an embryo decides to embed in the uterine wall. Although the uterus was clear of the fluid if embryo embedded right on top of a pocket of fluid in the wall it could burrow itself into the fluid. However, the lining looked good and if it embedded in other areas of the uterus it would be fine.

He  ultimately said my hubby and I had to decide if we wanted to go forward or to cancel the cycle. And because the clinic was closing at 1 today we had to let them know in the next 3 hours because they have to start the defrosting process on the embryo.


Brandi and I sat and talked it out a while. Then I called the nurse and asked a gazillion medical questions. Then I called Travis. “Yeah hey hubby so I know you are at work but can you go to the bathroom or something. We need to decide on the fate of our family…like now.” He of course was leading a meeting in 7 minutes. No pressure.

As Brandi mentioned in her post everything was on the table. We could cancel this cycle. It would postpone us for months until late this year for another transfer and would be thousands of dollars lost. We could continue for tomorrow and just hope for the best. But the big question came IF we did that who do we put in???? Since the cycle is not perfect do we put in the not so perfect embryo? Or do we put in the boy because he is the strongest and cross our fingers?!

If it was up to Travis he would have cancelled and said put in the boy later this year. If it was up to me I would have said put in the girl tomorrow.  But ultimately we compromised – because hey marriage lol – and we decided to stick with the original plan. Strongest one AKA the boy goes in…TOMORROW.

Our thoughts were this – our doctor is SUPER conservative. He didn’t cancel this cycle when he totally could have. So for that reason I didn’t want to waste this cycle plus make Brandi go through all this again (she is vomiting from the medications already). And we have a boy who doesn’t have any health problems where as the girls DNA alludes to the chance that she could have health issues.

We hope we made the decision. We did the best we could in the 3 hours we had. It was only one of the biggest decisions of our life.

So tomorrow at 12:45 PM Brandi will be PUTO pregnant until told otherwise with our SON.

It’s go time.

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