Our Bun is IN Brandi’s Oven!

Tory here!

Today was with out question one of the happiest days of my life. I am so sorry it took so long to get a blog post out but this was my first opportunity.

We arrived to the clinic this morning to Brandi and Bryan taking selfies in the lobby wearing unicorn headbands. Seriously they are the best. Brandi and I had matching t shirts…and unicorns for good measure.


After a lot of waiting the doctor came in and gave us this picture. The first ever picture of our son. Not only had he survived thaw this morning (there was a 10% chance he wouldn’t) he had since HATCHED in the last couple hours since thaw this morning!!! This is AMAZING news in IVF. It means the baby has multiplied so much it has broken out of the circular cell wall. The material outside the wall is STICKY and looking to attach to a uterus. Not only had our baby boy hatched, he FULLY HATCHED….not partial but FULLY! The doctor told us this was best case scenario – that this boy was looking for a uterus to stick to. And he guessed our embryo would embed in Brandi’s uterine lining with in the day!!!



But then it got even better!!!

The doctor and ultrasound tech came in and started doing an ultrasound of Brandi’s uterus. And you know what?!



Not only did we have the perfect baby going in who had fully hatched we also had the perfect habitat for him!? That impossible decision yesterday? We know now we made the right choice. Oh the relief!!!

Then the window opened from the lab into our procedure room and the embryologist said are you ready? She confirmed our names and  had us sign the final paperwork that says yes we consent and are here to witness you put our baby into Brandi’s oven.

I can’t describe what it was like seeing the nurse pass the catheter through the window – the one that contained our son. The doctor inserted it up Brandi’s cervix vaginally and we could see it on the ultrasound as it entered her uterus! He squeezed it and the fluid containing baby boy filled her uterus.

Brandi was deep in prayer and I’ll forever remember the smile on her face. I was on the verge of tears with the biggest smile of my life on my face while my hubby held me. Bryan – Brandi’s hubby was taking pictures and I am so grateful. Will post them soon! I just kept whispering thank you to Brandi through tears.

It’s a moment I will NEVER ever forget. To get to witness life start, how many people get to do that? Although this infertility battle is full of awful moments you also get moments most people never get to experience. What a cool experience. It was just a beautiful beautiful moment filled with so much love.


Brandi then had to go into recovery for a while and we all went to keep her company. I told her there is a song that reminds me so much of our journey. Its a love song – so obviously not in the same sense but I played it for her. Can you pick out the little lines that get me every time?

Yours by Russell Dickerson (Replace the word kiss with met lol!)

Crying yet? It was basically made for Baby Boy Daudelin. We are so grateful Brandi chose to be ours. And Brandi it is an honor of a lifetime to be yours.

Brandi is currently on bed rest and will be on rest for 24 hours so we offered to bring her kids dinner tonight! My saint of a neighbor cooked up the whole dinner so that we had one less thing on our plate. We drove down and got to celebrate with the kids! Teagan insisted she had to sing her brother, Happy Birthday!!! Seeing Teagan hug Brandi’s stomach saying my brother. It was surreal.


On top of all this, Brandi told me miracle #3 of the day was happening. She was having implantation cramping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA baby boy was as we speak trying to burrow in her uterus and implant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS EVERYTHING. YOU WISH AND PRAY THIS HAPPENS.

We will start taking home pregnancy tests next week!!! The official test through the clinic will be a blood test on…October 9th!

To everyone following our story – apparently around the world today –  thank you. It has been SO humbling and we so appreciate the love and support. If I have learned anything it’s this…

If you EVER get the chance to be a unicorn in life – ALWAYS chose to be the unicorn. You might just change the world.

Now we wait to start testing….EEEEE!







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