Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Today was a good day! For so many reasons. It started out with waking up at 5 am!  I wanted to leave by 5:55 to get to my appointment in Minneapolis a little before 7.  I wanted to get there a little early bc I wanted to make sure that I was able to get back to church in Owatonna by 9.  Well, we (Bryan and I) were ready to head out the door at 5:40.

I was feeling good!  I was just ready to hear if that fluid had disappeared.  I was leaving it in God’s hands, but I wanted to know that all these meds were doing something.  And since Tory had talked to the doc Friday, I was feeling confident that my body just needed a few more days to adjust to the estrogen.

I wanted Tory to meet me up at the appointment today.  Normally she doesn’t come with me bc it’s just a quick ultrasound and blood draw.  But there was A LOT riding on today’s information.  Luckily she was able to!  So she got there just a little before 7.

We got in right away and saw the lining…with NO fluid inside. There was a trace amount around the outside, but nothing to be worried about!!  The nurse came in after and said things looked good and we could go ahead with the transfer!  Right away I asked if there was any way we could do the transfer on Monday the 2nd.  My wonderful hubby’s schedule worked best then.  The nurse looked at me quite surprised and said she already had us scheduled for the 29th!  WHAT!!!  Tory and I looked at each other with such surprise by what we had just heard!  The nurse clearly saw this shocked look on our faces and asked us what we were told.  Tory had a phone call last Friday saying we would likely transfer the first week of October as long as my ultrasound went well.  So to know it had only backed up 2 days from the original day was quite a shock!!!  An exciting shock!

So we went over my next protocol of meds…deep breath…my progesterone in oil shot…in my backside!  Oh boy.  I mean, I knew this day was coming.  But I wasn’t expecting to have to start TODAY! Lol.  But I couldn’t be more thankful, honestly.  It meant my body did exactly what it was supposed to do and we could move on to the next step of our journey.  But then it also meant that in 6 days….6 DAYS…I would be transferring baby boy D into my body.  This is a journey that started 20 years ago…and in 6 days it could really happen!  I was asked today, “So, are you ready to be pregnant again?”  Oh boy.  Am I ready to be pregnant again?  It’s been 7+ years since my body had a baby growing in it.  Was I ready?  Absolutely!

So, next came the progesterone shot.  In my backside.  Oh, and it’s a 1 1/2″ needle.  And the progesterone is in oil, which needs to go in slower and leaves knots if not massaged out because of how thick it is.   So, I iced my back, warmed the PIO and mentally readied myself for my hubby to give me my shot!  Pics are below, but Bryan did a great job with my first shot and it went pretty well.  So now I “get” to take these PIO shots through the first trimester while also continuing to take the estrogen and baby aspirin.  I go in Thursday for one last ultrasound with the plan to transfer sometime Friday!  So exciting…and just feeling blessed.

Someone asked me how they could pray for me or us.  Before that, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying for our journey.  As a strong believer, I can’t say how blessed I feel and how strong the power of prayer can be.  So thank you!  First, I pray that God’s will be done.  Second, please pray that we still are a go with a Friday the 29th transfer. (Read Tory’s blog…there’s a lot of importance about the 29th). Third, please pray that Bryan’s work schedule, and those who make decisions about PTO, allow Bryan to come with me for the transfer. I am not able to drive home due to a med I have to take that day, and I’m sure it will be quite an emotional event, so it would be nice if he could be with.

Alright, as you process this and view the pictures, please let Tory or me know what questions you have! Thank you again for following along!


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