Tommy Sure Does Love Drama…

We are bleeding again 😦 This kid. Man. With EVERY up there is a down. He sure likes being dramatic. And apparently keeping us (and this blog) on its toes. Brandi called me this afternoon with a little bit of a quiver in her voice. She said she had gone to the bathroom and whenContinue reading “Tommy Sure Does Love Drama…”

20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!

Today was the 20 week anatomy scan! The scan where they measure every little bit of baby to make sure he is growing well. From his feet to his heart to his brain they are checking everything out to make sure he is developing properly. We had two ultrasounds – one to look at TommyContinue reading “20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!”

19 weeks and…a new URL for the blog!

Tory here! Tommy is 19 weeks today!!! He is the size of a mango which seems pretty darn big to me. Next week we are officially half way already??? Amazingly it actually IS flying by for me. I thought it would drag on forever…. Tommy is developing his senses this week. Which means at appointmentsContinue reading “19 weeks and…a new URL for the blog!”

Teagan’s Take on Tommy’s 18 Week Appointment

Guys! My mom let me skip nap and go to my brothers appointment today. Best day ever. I was pretty pumped as you can see!   Brandi gave my mom some gifts that made her give Brandi lots of hugs when she arrived! The sweetest sign from Brandi and a homemade blanket from Brandi’s momContinue reading “Teagan’s Take on Tommy’s 18 Week Appointment”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tory here! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy almost 2018!!! My family spent our Christmas in Chicago! Tommy spent it with his beloved unicorn in Iowa! 😉 I sent Brandi a text on our way to Chicago saying, “Merry Christmas Tommy! Mommy and daddy love you and cant wait for you toContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

A VERY Unicorn Christmas

The unicorn theme is running RAMPANT in the gifts under the tree this year …and its AWESOME. From unicorn socks to heated unicorn slippers I have been gifted to knowing what Brandi and her family will open on Christmas morning… Not to mention when we pulled up in Mankato to meet V6 for Christmas lightsContinue reading “A VERY Unicorn Christmas”