28 weeks…with the end in sight!

I still stand in disbelief at times that this whole journey is real.  It’s not just a dream!  Tory agreed!  For her and Travis the journey is so much longer than mine. But this reality for me has been almost a year in the making, after heart-dreaming about it for 19 years…and now we’re downContinue reading “28 weeks…with the end in sight!”

Disney Called…Our Secret Revealed!

On December 3rd, Babble (the parenting subsidiary of Disney) flew Brandi, Travis and I to LA to  film us for a doc-u-series. How on EARTH did this happen might you ask??? Let me back up… In November a producer  posted on a surrogacy Facebook group I follow. He said he just started in a newContinue reading “Disney Called…Our Secret Revealed!”

Tommy’s Baby Sprinkle!

Today was Tommy’s baby shower! Well technically sprinkle 😉 Even though I already have a child my family and friends insisted that this journey deserved a party to celebrate!!! It was incredibly sweet of them. My mom and twin sis Caroline and bestie Jessie put SO much hard work into the party. It was wonderful,Continue reading “Tommy’s Baby Sprinkle!”

They See Me Rolling…Teags and Tommy’s New Ride

Tory here! This weekend makes 23 weeks for Tommy! He is now the size of a grapefruit and can be measured in pounds vs ounces. He continues to be a little Energizer bunny in Brandi’s stomach! On the eve of the second round of IVF in August, I told you guys how we were atContinue reading “They See Me Rolling…Teags and Tommy’s New Ride”

Tommy Sure Does Love Drama…

We are bleeding again 😦 This kid. Man. With EVERY up there is a down. He sure likes being dramatic. And apparently keeping us (and this blog) on its toes. Brandi called me this afternoon with a little bit of a quiver in her voice. She said she had gone to the bathroom and whenContinue reading “Tommy Sure Does Love Drama…”

20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!

Today was the 20 week anatomy scan! The scan where they measure every little bit of baby to make sure he is growing well. From his feet to his heart to his brain they are checking everything out to make sure he is developing properly. We had two ultrasounds – one to look at TommyContinue reading “20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!”