Ready or Not, Here (they) Come, You Can’t Hide!

(Unicorn post) Today was the start of my injections.  Lupron to be exact. Just a small needle, the size of what a diabetic needle probably is.  Went in my belly.  Didn’t hurt, but after several minutes it started itching, turned red and a little blotchy.  But give it an hour or so and it wasContinue reading “Ready or Not, Here (they) Come, You Can’t Hide!”

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

(Brandi here!) Tonight was a fun night!  As I am approaching the true beginnng of my surrogacy journey (injections), it’s also the closing of another (drinking alcohol). A couple weeks ago our friend, Sue, asked when I was starting my injections, but more importantly when I had to stop drinking…lol.  She wanted to set upContinue reading “Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!”

Shots are DONE; Trigger Shot and Battle Bruises

Tory here! No more IVF shots!!!!!!!! We just injected the super intimidating  trigger shot into my butt muscle. The LAST shot!!!!!!! I stimulated for 12 days (last time was 9), felt like the longest IVF in history. My hubby just injected the above shot into my butt muscle 😲😒😕. We were instructed to trigger atContinue reading “Shots are DONE; Trigger Shot and Battle Bruises”

IVF Day 11 Update – Trigger Shot is tomorrow!

Tory here! I can’t even believe I am writing IVF Day 11?! You guys this is a looonnnnngggg IVF. I am going to go into some technicalities that I have been avoiding to not confuse people – but at this point everything is a technicality. I had my ultrasound this morning and 13 of theContinue reading “IVF Day 11 Update – Trigger Shot is tomorrow!”

IVF Update Day 9….Grapes, oh the grapes!

Today is day 9 of IVF! I had my ultrasound this morning to check in on the eggies and it appears 13 are on the board! Aka over 10mm, meaning on track to be big enough! They are sitting right now between 11mm and 14mm. The clinic wants them to be between 15-20mm (aka theContinue reading “IVF Update Day 9….Grapes, oh the grapes!”

Q&A:Questions for Brandi answered

Now it’s my turn!  Thank you, all of you who asked a question for Tory or me to answer.  Tory got to answer her questions a little bit ago….so here go mine! Q: Will Brandi do surrogacy after this baby again? A: I’ve actually been asked this question a few times!  And my answer –Continue reading “Q&A:Questions for Brandi answered”