38 weeks and Tommy’s LAST ultrasound!

Tory here! We are a whopping 38 weeks this week! His due date is June 17! Today we had his 38 week appointment and his final ultrasound. The next time we all see him, he will be on the outside 😱😍!!! The ultrasound tech referred to him as a sumo baby, I call him Hercules!Continue reading “38 weeks and Tommy’s LAST ultrasound!”

36 weeks through the Unicorn’s eyes

It’s usually around this time that pregnant women start feeling like they are done. That it’s time to meet their baby. I am, once again, no exception to this. The last week or two I have answered the same to questions of how I am feeling. I’m ready to be done. I’m slowing down. It’sContinue reading “36 weeks through the Unicorn’s eyes”

Our 36 Week Ultrasound: Our Little Boy Is NOT So Little After All…

Tory here! This week we are 36 weeks!!! Tommy is healthy and doing wonderfully! Normally I would tell you at week 36 Tommy is the size of a honeydew melon. However, Tommy is actually the size of a pumpkin. Yup. A pumpkin. He is measuring 39 weeks on all fronts – his brain, stomach, downContinue reading “Our 36 Week Ultrasound: Our Little Boy Is NOT So Little After All…”

Our Maternity Pictures: It Takes a Village

When I was pregnant with Teagan I had done a maternity photo shoot around 30 weeks pregnant. In her room, to this day, is the collage of her maternity pictures and she asks me about them all the time. I wanted Tommy to have the same. Yes, his may look a bit different. And yesContinue reading “Our Maternity Pictures: It Takes a Village”

Happy Mother’s Day…at the 35 week mark!

Yesterday was a big day!  We made it to 35 weeks…which means anytime Tommy wants to meet his family, he can be born in Owatonna, not Rochester.  Much closer!  Although we want him to gain another pound or so! It was also a big day in that it was Mother’s Day!  It’s a day thatContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day…at the 35 week mark!”

The Legal Side to Surrogacy: Becoming Recognized by the State of Minnesota as Tommy’s Parents

As we approach Tommy’s due date the legal side to our surrogacy journey is very much ramping up. If you have been following from the beginning you know that Brandi, Bryan and us have a 38 page Gestational Carrier Contract. Brandi and Bryan have an attorney and Travis and I have an attorney. This contractContinue reading “The Legal Side to Surrogacy: Becoming Recognized by the State of Minnesota as Tommy’s Parents”

Teagan’s Toddlermoon and Tommy’s 32 Week OB Appointment!

This week was big for both kiddos! Teagan went on her toddlermoon (think babymoon but for an only child before a new baby comes) and Tommy hiccuped and kicked his way to 32.5 weeks along as of today! 😉 Travis was sent to Seattle for 10 days for work, so we bummed 5 nights ofContinue reading “Teagan’s Toddlermoon and Tommy’s 32 Week OB Appointment!”

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Unicorn

31 weeks. Crazy to think about, really. But to think two months from today is our due date! And at this point we have appointments every two weeks. Before we know it we will be seeing the doctor weekly! Tommy is so very active, and between myself and my family, we are enjoying watching himContinue reading “Sometimes it’s hard to be a Unicorn”

We enter the 30 club: Tommy and his Unicorn hit 30 weeks!!!

T- 10 weeks until we are T4! WHOA. This little boy is coming SOON. Mama is so ready! Tommy is now approaching 3 pounds and 15-16 inches in length. The size of a cabbage. This morning Teags and I drove down for his 30 week OB appointment… I am happy to report, everything is lookingContinue reading “We enter the 30 club: Tommy and his Unicorn hit 30 weeks!!!”