Tommy Goes to the Capital!!!

Exactly 9 months ago today this little boy came into the world. And he has been changing it ever since.


It’s never too young to fight for what you believe in…

So with the help of mom and grandma he rolled his way to the capital to discuss the 2016 Gestational Carrier Act of Minnesota – the act that gave him,well, his life. This act protects surrogacy in Minnesota and makes sure that the surrogacy process is systematic and protects all parties involved.

Some groups in this state oppose surrogacy and are trying to make it unaccessible to those in need.

We went with Resolve, the National Infertility Association who set up meetings for us to tell Tommy’s story to two different senators. Tommy HAMMED it up for both meetings! (At one point he had a senator picking up his puffs he dropped on the floor). They both agreed he was the poster child for surrogacy! And that they supported our efforts.


Never underestimate the power of a cute baby in polictics 😉

In baby news and not political news…Tommy spent this month getting teeth! He has one big tooth and more coming in any day. He is working on standing up by himself for long periods at his activity center and can roll out of the sitting up position. He gets on all fours a lot but doesn’t crawl quite yet. Teags crawled in month 9, so, excited to see if he follows that pattern! And finally, in amazing news, Tommy will graduate from PT this month! His tortillcolis is almost gone!

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