Santa Baby Tommy: And one HUGE bday surprise!

Next week Tommy turns 6 months old and Teagan turns 4!!! These sibs basically share half bdays/bdays. Teags was born on December 11. Tommy June 12. Six months apart (and a day… but close enough ;)).

We have a ton to celebrate and have a big surprise for the kids! Well Teags knows, but Tommy has no clue đŸ˜‰ In my family there is a tradition that when you turn 4, you go to Disney! It’s my first memory. Eating my pretzel cake with the princesses. We considered Disney Land but decided to wait until Tommy can enjoy too, SO instead we are going on a Disney Cruise!!! And we leave next week!!!

Teags and Tommy will be sailing the high seas on the Merrytime Christmas Cruise to the Bahamas and the Keys with Santa out of Miami.

And fun fact, you have to be 6 months old to sail. Tommy will be 6 months and one day old. He will be the youngest person on the ship! Because Tommy was just born to stand out…always lol!

Mommy and Daddy are extra excited about Teags big bday gift on the trip. We got her an all day mommy daddy date to ATLANTIS.

We purchased the excursion that let’s us use all their water slides and aquarium for the day when our boat docks in Nassau. Tommy will be in the the “It’s a small world after all” day care on the ship…yes they offer daycare! (And nana and papa will be on the ship also, we are cruising with my parents)!! Teags we love you and if any big sis deserves a day alone with Mom and Dad it’s you. You have been the best big sister we could have EVER imagined. Happy birthday sweet girl.

The last couple months Tommy has grown up so much since my last post! He is 23 pounds, in 18 month clothes and maxed out his infant car seat. After the help of PT to help strengthen his neck to hold up his noggin (size 4t hat size… not joking), he can ROLL over!!! He also has hand eye coordination and can grasp and put things up to his mouth and clap. He has the best smile and rosy cheeks. He loves peek a boo, sister, patty cake, standing in his activity center, and food. Any food. He’s all for it.

We met Santa recently and I think santa described him best. The elf said he matches me! (He was wearing elf Christmas PJs.) But Santa said. But he LOOKs like me haha!

Santa Baby!!! I agree with you santa!

(Pics of the last phew months! Tommy’s first Halloween and Thanksgiving!)

(Also, in the name of keeping it real because believe me life is not always sunshine and rainbows…my kids have been sick for a week. Stir crazy over here. I told them be sick this week. Go through your 6 months regression and not sleep this week kids. Not allowed next week. And yes we are totally terrified of having the youngest kid on the ship and we may be nuts for doing it. Just keepin’ it real folks! Ha!)

(All Disney Images are not my own. Source Google images)

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