A year ago today, our Bun went in Brandi’s oven

A year ago this morning we were busy doing this…

Putting Tommy in Brandi’s oven on September 29th.

And this morning I am going into my son’s room to give him a bottle.

As this day has been approaching, lovingly referred to as Miracle Day around here, I keep saying to me Sept 29th may have almost more meaning than his birthday. Or at least the same. It’s the day Tommy started. How can it get bigger than that? It’s the day our family got intertwined with another family forever. We love you V6!

A year ago today I DREAMED I would be able to post this picture a year later. But never knew if I actually would be able to.

With a heart bursting it is so full..

Tommy holding his embryo picture a year later. Oh the difference a year makes.

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