Tommy Turns 3 Months!!

Tommy is officially out of the “4th trimester!!!” He is awake now much of the time, gaining head control more and more everyday (his head was so big this has been a challenge lol!), smiles and coos, and he is so much more interactive.

He has such a chill loving personality! A gentle spirit who loves glancing at you across a room or staring into your soul when you are holding him in your arms, giving you the biggest smiles, and even giggles recently!

And he is learning so much about words already too! Just today he was crying and I said the words milk and bottle and he immediately stopped and a huge smile spread on his face. I tested him on it all day and sure enough he recognizes words!

His favorite toy to play with? Sister! She told me today that when we get old she will be Tommy’s mommy and take good care of him for us. And do all the hard things like reading to him, feeding him, diapers, and giving him walks. (I have no doubt she would do an excellent job. She continues to floor us with how mature and nuturing she is with her brother. Nothing but love towards him.)

The most recent development is that Tommy has laughed a few times! Like really laughed! He loves when you sniff his neck or play this little piggy with his toes. But if there is a sudden loud sound that bottom lip pops out and he looks so scared (and adorably pathetic) and starts whimpering. It breaks your heart! Raspberries on his tummy? Yeah he’s not a huge fan. Lesson learned. 🙈

Physically he continues with tank status. He is weighing in at…drum roll please…

19 pounds!!!

You guys at 3 months old I am already in the TODDLER section buying him clothes! He is wearing size 12 months.

Tommy had a busy third month! Month 3 in pictures below. (Including pics of tommy meeting his grandparents from Ohio this month and a BBQ with V6!

I woke up to post this blog and Facebook reminded me of this memory a year ago today.

Embie report and gender is in!!!!!!!

Of the 2 embryos from this IVF batch:

One is a strong……BOY! Perfect DNA. No question marks or flags.

(The other was a boy as well but did not have viable DNA.)

Tommy you are the biggest blessing and we can’t imagine our lives with out you. Our gentle giant. Your smiles and laughs MELT us. We love you to the moon and back, cheekers!!!

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