Tommy Turns Two Months!

Eight Tuesdays ago our little boy made his entrance into the world! Hard to believe this week we can say we have a 2 month old!

His biggest milestone this month is that he went from sleeping only 2 hour stretches (it was rough) to through the night?! This kid now goes down at 10:30 pm and sleeps until 8:00 am in the morning. How is this possible might you ask? He cluster feeds big time from 4-10:30 at night. But we don’t mind. You do what you gotta do to sleep through the night Tommy. Your parents are very happy campers.

Tommy continues to be the sweetest gentlest big teddy bear of babies. His smiles are much more frequent these days and we love getting to know him better now that he is awake more during the day! He loves swatting at toys on his tummy mat and mimicking mommy and daddy. Sometimes he will try to wave back at you! Or click his tongue back at you.

Tommy’s two month stats:

Weight: 15.7 pounds!

Jammies: 9 month size

Diaper: Size 3

Clothes: 6 month size, moving into 9 months

Socks: 12-24 months

HE CONTINUES TO BE A TANK. The cutest, sweetest tank there ever was. We are so in love.

Tomorrow is his 8 week check up for shots and to see where he is on the growth chart. Last time he was at 99% in all categories…

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