36 weeks through the Unicorn’s eyes

It’s usually around this time that pregnant women start feeling like they are done. That it’s time to meet their baby. I am, once again, no exception to this. The last week or two I have answered the same to questions of how I am feeling. I’m ready to be done. I’m slowing down. It’s harder to do the daily things like getting dressed, taking a shower, shaving (yeah, not happening), doing the dishes (as they still sit on the counter). And sleep seems like a thing of the past.

Today’s appointment confirmed why I’m feeling so sore and more tired and more swollen than I remember feeling at this stage in my other 4 pregnancies. At 36 weeks 3 days, Tommy is measuring 39 weeks!!!! Holy buckets is right! He’s healthy and still active, which is the most important part. But boy oh boy is he big! And the pressure he’s putting on my southern hemisphere makes total sense now!

So you readers may be thinking the same thing: Brandi still has 3 ½ more weeks left. Tommy is NOT done growing! Yep. And cue some unicorn tears. Where else is he going to grow? And him growing AND continuing to move south means there’s more pain and pressure to come. Oh boy! Lol. And now we’re talking a potential 10# baby! My biggest was 9#2oz. And I don’t have gestational diabetes. And my blood pressure is great – 114/68! Stay tuned I guess.

Tonight my hubby and I went on a walk. We try to do that as often as our schedule allows to help things keep movin’ right along. Between Tommy being big and Tory researching that IVF/surro babies tend to come a little early, I’m thinking there’s hope I can lovingly return this little (big) miracle back to his parents sooner rather than later. I’m just concerned now at the potential of a c-section. Although after having lunch with a friend today, she assured me it’s not bad. There’s pain, just in a different area than if it was a vaginal birth.

And I have to give my hubby and family props! They are so supportive and understanding when I have to go sit and not clear the table after supper. Or when I come home from picking up the kids from school and have to lay down and take a nap bc I’m exhausted. They are as much a part of this journey as I am! And for that I am thankful and blessed!!!

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned yet that we are moving in a week and a half!! Closer to where we will deliver which will be nice. A friend I chatted with tonight said calling this “ambitious “is an understatement. It sure sounds better than the term I use…CRAZY!!! But with the help of friends and family we will get ‘er done!

So as I am coming to a close on this heart dream I feel so blessed to be called to do this. I am so thankful for Tory, Travis and Teagan. And even though I feel as I do, there are NO regrets! I have seen God work throughout this journey. And I know He’s not done moving through us or our story.




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