Teagan’s Toddlermoon and Tommy’s 32 Week OB Appointment!

This week was big for both kiddos! Teagan went on her toddlermoon (think babymoon but for an only child before a new baby comes) and Tommy hiccuped and kicked his way to 32.5 weeks along as of today! 😉

Travis was sent to Seattle for 10 days for work, so we bummed 5 nights of his 10 day trip and joined him for a fun trip to Seattle and made it Teagan’s toddlermoon!

We used to live in Seattle for 4 years and Teagan was born there. She hadn’t been back since she was 18 months old. My husband regularly travels there for work and I have been back to visit a couple times in the last 2 years since we moved, but Teags has never been back since the day we moved away…

So we took advantage of the opportunity and took her while it was still easy enough to do 😉 Well okay with a three year old it was still a lot of hard work but you get where I am going…

We spent our first day running around Downtown with her friend Zoe from babyhood. The girls especially loved throwing rocks in the sound.

The second day we drove to Portland and Teagan got a tour of the city from her buddy Noah on the back of his red trike.

The third day we showed her her old house, park and the mountains we used to live in. Then that night we took her on a street car to Amazon’s campus and showed her where daddy works!

The forth day we spent picking flowers on the top of a mountain with old buddies Luca and Sophia and having a picnic with Ellie.

And on the last and final day we spent it with Ava, Luca and Sophia at a farm.

Tommy had a big week too.

He is officially head down and squirmed for mom during his OB appointment today! The end is getting so close and Brandi and I are so excited for all that is to come. The reward after so much work to get him here!

She showed up to the appointment with the sweetest gifts for both kiddos.

And on another HUGE note, Tommy’s future best friend was born this week. Remember my twin sister was expecting a boy, her first, only 9 weeks apart from when we are due? Well she had him this week. Presenting Baby Ben! The boys will grow up together and the whole family is just over the moon.

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