We enter the 30 club: Tommy and his Unicorn hit 30 weeks!!!

T- 10 weeks until we are T4! WHOA. This little boy is coming SOON. Mama is so ready! Tommy is now approaching 3 pounds and 15-16 inches in length. The size of a cabbage.

This morning Teags and I drove down for his 30 week OB appointment…

I am happy to report, everything is looking great! One glowing unicorn and one healthy happy baby…oh and one very excited big sis! She was all over Brandi’s belly talking to Tommy, feeling him kick, and giving him hugs. Video below 😍

I also want to thank everyone for the amazing response we received to the babble video. So many of you commented and even shared it on your walls. The support was unreal. As a result it’s been viewed 75,000 times. Which is quite literally INSANE to think about.

Much to my amazement it also resulted in the director of the National Infertility Association, reaching out to me asking for permission to use the video for education and advocacy purposes.

This is truly the little blog that could.

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