28 weeks…with the end in sight!

I still stand in disbelief at times that this whole journey is real.  It’s not just a dream!  Tory agreed!  For her and Travis the journey is so much longer than mine. But this reality for me has been almost a year in the making, after heart-dreaming about it for 19 years…and now we’re down to just the last trimester!

Yesterday we had our 28 week appointment.  That meant big things for me and for Tory!  I got to drink that wonderful, orange, sugary drink (sense the sarcasm) before waiting an hour to see if I passed the glucose test.  Which I did with flying colors!  They flag you if your blood glucose level is at 140.  Mine was at 91!  Thank you body, that even at my geriatric maternity age (38 is evidently old…lol) it still knows how to process all that sugar!  On a more bummer level was my hemoglobin (red blood cells) level.  Normal is between 11.7 – 13.8.  When I give blood Red Cross doesn’t take it if I’m below 12.5 (which unfortunately happens more often than I like).  Yesterday I was at 9.1. 😲  Eek!  And that’s after taking an iron supplement nightly for the last 2 weeks. I said to my husband, imagine what my levels probably were without the supplement!  But anemia runs in my family. I’ve dealt with it for more than half my life. So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise…but I have to get that level back up!  So, more meat and more spinach (which I don’t mind!).

While we waited for the blood draw we got to take a tour of the hospital where Tommy will make his entrance!  They have wonderful accommodations for all of us!  Is it weird that I’m kind of even more excited for labor and delivery?! Lol  I’m already trying to imagine what it will be like to see Travis and Tory the first time they meet their little (or big) guy!  But to know how the nursing staff will take care of me (and other moms) when in labor is awesome!

We also got to listen to Tommy’s heartbeat again!  He thought he would be funny and roll around while the dr. was finding it.  But he was steady right around 139/140!  Nice and healthy!

So at this point we start seeing the dr. every 2 weeks until 36 weeks.  It’s going to make time go that much faster!  And it still seems like we have a lot to do in the next 12 weeks.  We need to write birth/post-delivery plan.  Make sure my insurance covers a breast pump.  And more!

So how’s the unicorn doing? Not too shabby!  It’s definitely obvious now that there’s a bun in the oven! So it continues to make for fun conversations!  And more awareness about surrogacy!  But all conversations so far have been met with support, love and some excitement…usually with some questions following!

My restless-leg-syndrome is still present. Although the reason for the iron supplements is to help allieviate some of that…which it has done!  Still experience insomnia…so fun…lol.  But other than that I’m feeling good!

Overall, I still give God all the glory for His hand in all of this.  He is good!



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