Tommy’s Baby Sprinkle!

Today was Tommy’s baby shower! Well technically sprinkle 😉 Even though I already have a child my family and friends insisted that this journey deserved a party to celebrate!!! It was incredibly sweet of them. My mom and twin sis Caroline and bestie Jessie put SO much hard work into the party. It was wonderful, thank you guys SO much.

The sprinkle was sprinkle and unicorn themed, naturally ;). Center pieces were filled with sprinkles and the cake was rainbow with unicorns! Brandi even wore a unicorn head band my sister gifted her. And we both wore sashes! Mine said, “Tommy’s Mom” and Brandi’s read, “Guest of Honor”.

Activities at the shower included Bingo and… diaper pong (🤣🤣🤣) yes like beer pong BUT with red cups wrapped in diapers. And no, no actual beer was involved. The goal was to bounce ping pong balls into the diaper wrapped red cups on the coffee table. It was a hit! And oddly enough the grandma’s in the room were a little too good at it and won 😉 I love my friends, best shower game ever.

Then of course came presents! This kid is going to be seriously well dressed and may have a bigger wardrobe than even Teagan as a baby. GASP. (I didn’t even know that was possible, especially with boy clothes!!)

Teagan also wanted to get Tommy a gift for his shower, so last week we went to Build A Bear. She picked out the rainbow lion because she knows Tommy is our rainbow baby. She then recorded her voice so when you press on the lion it says, “Hi Tommmmyyyy. Lovvvvveeee you”. She held it up to Brandi’s bump and presented it to Tommy at the shower. As you can imagine this is when tears started flowing in the room.

My big gift to Tommy were these things called Belly Buds. Basically headphones for Brandi’s bump. Travis, Teagan, and I recorded our voices reading him books and singing him songs so that he can hear our voices in the womb!

For Brandi I put together a postpartum/self care kit full of the not so fun but very necessary items you need after labor accompanied by much more fun stuff like date nights, facials, and caribou!

My friends and family, have I mentioned they are awesome!?, all wanted to show their appreciation for Brandi too and went in on a suprize travel gift card for her! So now she can go on a vacation when this is all said and done and recharge.

The highlight of the day for me was finally having all my friends and family get to meet Brandi and see Tommy for the first time. My twin is also VERY pregnant and due in the next couple weeks so we got to take a cousin bump pic!

…pics below ❤


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