Tommy Hits Viability!

This week we are 24 weeks. This is the week Tommy is considered viable!!! (He would have a chance outside the womb).

He is now 1.3 pounds and the size of a cantelope! At his appointment today I got to “cradle him” for the first time.

He wasn’t kicking (nap time) but the doctor put my hands on either side of him and told me to press into Brandi’s belly to cradle his head and bottom in my hands. I was basically holding him in my hands. 😍 He is the size of both my two palms placed side by side.

And as if we didn’t already know, our little boy is STRONG (in every way)… just listen to his heartbeat! It’s in the 150s which is perfect.

Tommy you (and your big sister) already have our WHOLE hearts.

Love you sweet baby boy.

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