They See Me Rolling…Teags and Tommy’s New Ride

Tory here!

This weekend makes 23 weeks for Tommy! He is now the size of a grapefruit and can be measured in pounds vs ounces. He continues to be a little Energizer bunny in Brandi’s stomach!

On the eve of the second round of IVF in August, I told you guys how we were at the county fair and how our dream next year was to be pushing a DOUBLE stroller…

Well the double stroller came this weekend!

This was the first major purchase of baby gear for our little man. Up until this point mommy has more so been focusing on his nursery and closet…heh 😬 Have I mentioned we live NEXT to Target?! Utterly dangerous.

Teagan loves her new ride. She even put her teddy in it and pretends it’s Tommy. She literally sat in this thing all weekend long asking “Tommy” if he was okay in there.

Today she INSISTED we take her and her stuffed animal yak on a walk outside in it.

…So if you saw a family walking around the neighborhood in freezing temps, pushing a double stroller with ONE kid in it…that would be us 😉

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