20 Week Anatomy Scan – Half way there!!!

Today was the 20 week anatomy scan! The scan where they measure every little bit of baby to make sure he is growing well. From his feet to his heart to his brain they are checking everything out to make sure he is developing properly.

We had two ultrasounds – one to look at Tommy and a vaginal ultrasound to look at the placenta and cervix.

Tommy’s Ultrasound Results:

Just as the PGS report said our little man is perfect! They said he was one of the most photogenic babies they have had in a long time – I swear this kid knows he has a blog he needs to pose for 😉  Tommy is also officially HUGE – just under a pound. He is measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule in size (21.5 weeks at only 20 weeks 2 days gestation). He loves to suck his thumb and stretch out his super long body  (head to rump he is 7 inches long) – he is basically standing on Brandi’s bladder, ha!

His Placenta Ultrasound Results:

With the bleeding at 13 weeks and a low placenta identified at previous appointments this was a huge day because they were able to ALSO see what was going on with the  placenta – not going to lie I have been stressing about it. Last ultrasound they said there was evidence of a possible blood clot – YIKES. But TODAY there is no evidence of a blood clot – it must have reabsorbed!!! AKA it’s gone! And although the placenta does remain low – a vaginal ultrasound confirmed it is far enough away (2.6) from the cervix that Brandi WON’T need a c-section.  She can have a vaginal delivery!

So basically the appointment could not have gone better. Tommy is perfect and his placenta is too. Icing on the cake? We got to feel him today too!

Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking <3…





Look at that cute little nose!


Still a boy 😉
Hands and a straight little pinky!
Yawning away zzzzzz


Blowing bubbles!
27604310_10201221513399593_992778307_o (1)
Sucking his thumb
Toes to head – doesn’t he look so big?!
How adorable is that bump?


Daddy feeling his son kick for the first time!
Mommy feeling him for the first time. This was one of the bigger moments for me. I knew someone was missing from our family and it was my job as their mother to get them here when we started this journey. For the first time he was “here”.


Teagan SO excited to see her brother when we got home. Kids weren’t allowed in the room.
Running away with his pictures she was so excited!

My mom babysat Teagan during the appointment. She told me a story when we got home. And its the perfect way to end this post.

Teagan and her talking…

My mom: “I have 4 sisters.”

Teagan: “You do?? What are their names?”

My mom: “Mary, Helen, Barb, and Kathy”

Teagan: “Oh I don’t have a sister, but I have lots of people who love me. I have mama, Dada, nana, papa, grandma sue, Joe, Aunt Caroline, Uncle Matthew, Grandma Viv, Grandpa Pete, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Carly, …Aunt Brandi, Tommy, and Uncle Bryan.”


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