19 weeks and…a new URL for the blog!

Tory here!

Tommy is 19 weeks today!!! He is the size of a mango which seems pretty darn big to me. Next week we are officially half way already??? Amazingly it actually IS flying by for me. I thought it would drag on forever….

Tommy is developing his senses this week. Which means at appointments he will start hearing our voices for the first time. 🙂 Oh I can’t wait! His big  20 week anatomy scan is next week! We hope to feel him then too if its not his nap time again 😉

I wanted to ALSO let you all know the blog has a new home as of today! Before it was a free WordPress URL…but today I bought a domain! We officially own, “Ourbunbrandisoven.blog!” Before it was “ourbunherovendotblog.wordpress.com”

(AKA it was a mouthful!)

This changes nothing for you though – the other URL will still route here. It’s just easier to Google/remember.

Thanks for being here!

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