Teagan’s Take on Tommy’s 18 Week Appointment


My mom let me skip nap and go to my brothers appointment today. Best day ever. I was pretty pumped as you can see!


Brandi gave my mom some gifts that made her give Brandi lots of hugs when she arrived! The sweetest sign from Brandi and a homemade blanket from Brandi’s mom for Tommy. My mom sure does tear up a lot when Brandi is around…she says it’s happy tears though, so it’s okay.

Once we got in the room I tried REALLY hard to feel my brother move! I had my hands all over Brandi’s belly but I guess Tommy must have been taking a nap. (Haha he wasn’t as lucky as me. He didn’t get out of his nap ;)) So instead I tickled Brandi’s belly and played peek a boo with him! I giggle alot when I play with Tommy!

Then they put this thing on Brandi’s tummy and I heard…boom, boom, woosh! My mom was all excited because it was the first time they could hear him on a Doppler! He sounded great!!

Then the best part happened! I asked to SEE him and my mom did too and they let us – again! Mommy says we have the nicest OB ever. Bryan, Brandi’s hubby works at the hospital so he was even able to make the ultrasound last minute! Bryan is super fun, we played lots of games waiting for the ultrasound to be ready.

Tommy was so big he didn’t even fit on their screen they had to zoom out. He is going to be way taller than me I think.

Here are Tommy’s pictures! He likes to suck his thumb when he sleeps. Isn’t my brother cute guys? But remember he’s sleeping so shhhhhhhh no awwing over these pictures 😉

I’m off to bed. Being a big sister is exhausting!















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