18 weeks

Unicorn post 🦄

We are 18 weeks already! Maybe that’s an “already” to me… to Tory its probably taking forever!  Especially now that Tommy’s room is done!  But, we have to remain patient for another (hopefully) 22 weeks.

Today is our 18 wk appointment.  I’m excited and hopeful for this one in particular.  This last week I was able to feel Tommy move from the outside!  After I felt it I needed to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things.  So I asked my husband to come feel.   Sure enough it was Tommy being super strong!  It was around 11:50 (the time when he’s most active… when I’m trying to sleep…lol). I texted Tory right away and asked if she was still up.   I wanted her to be a part of this moment, even if she was a little ways away.  She quickly texted back she was… so I called her to tell her the great news!  The part that gave me good chills was she was sitting in Tommy’s room in the rocking chair!  (Cue tears)  So I’m hopeful at today’s appointment that Tommy’s long, strong legs are moving around in a way that Tory and big sis can feel it!

A lot of people have been asking how I’m feeling.  I’m past that first trimester hump, thank the Lord! But this trimester comes with its own bits of pregnancy reality.  I would say the top two frustrating parts are the restless leg syndrome (RLS) and the heartburn! I’m sure if people could be a fly on the wall in my house at night they would laugh. Im usually doing squats, dancing or swaying back and forth! But I truly can not sit still! And by the time I can lay down, the heartburn is enough to bring tears to my eyes!  But, these are both things I experienced with my other pregnancies, so it comes as no surprise.  And for me, I continue to be so thankful to God for opening this door and keeping us healthy and safe.  I entered into this journey knowing it may not be all sunshine and roses.  I am 8 years older than my last pregnancy after all.  But man, God is good! And to know I’m bringing a miracle and blessing into this world and the Daudelin family makes it all worth it!

My one saving grace is the body pillow Tory got me!! Oh. Man! Lol. It’s so comfortable that even my kids like laying on it when I’m not! It takes up a fair amount of room in our bed, but oh so worth it!  So thank you Tory!!


As you can see the baby bump is emerging. Some still say it looks like I’m just gaining some weight.  I’m not sure how I feel about that one…lol. But people are also telling me I’m glowing.  I’ll take that!

As I sign off Tommy is swimming around! My hope is you get to read a post soon by Tory about her first time feeling Tommy move! If not today, maybe in 2 weeks at our big 20 week appointment!

God bless all of you!

The Unicorn


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