Teagan’s Big Girl Room Tour

This room was literally empty minus a cat climbing tree… AKA the kitty room. We had to get all new furniture to furnish it, so this was a lot more work then Tommy’s room where all we changed was decor and linens.

The dresser, so much drama but long story short we got a big discount since it arrived damaged. It was a nightmare to assemble but with Teags expert assistance we got it done.


The headboard for her bed?


It won’t arrive until March 🙄 It’s stuck in Waco, TX! Above is the headboard that is coming. This whole room was inspired by my love of all things Joanna Gains. The nightstands are Magnolia too (her furniture line).

Joanna I hope I did you justice! I sure tried!

Teagan’s room…(and yes that sure is a Unicorn over her bed and a unicorn book on her dresser!)




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