All Boy!!!

Well Tommy confirmed his gender today for us in his 14 week ultrasound. And the OB wrote “ALL BOY!!!” on his ultrasound photo. It’s one thing to get a check list of chromosomes with x’s and y’s saying you are having a boy on paper, but man does it hit home when it is visually confirmed in an ultrasound!

I am going to be a BOY mom!!!!!!!!!!!! #boymomstatus #wholenewworld

Tommy already has some of our features! He is SUPER tall like daddy. (My hubby is 6 ft, 4 inches tall.) The OB said he continues to look very long for 14 weeks. I agree and so does Brandi who has had 2 sons. He also shares my signature crooked pinky finger!

The OB was able to identify why we had the bleeding episode last week. Tommy’s placenta is low – a little too close to Brandi’s cervix. It SHOULD move upwards as the pregnancy progresses – it is still very early. They are hopeful it will resolve on it’s own. (Worst case scenario a c-section would be needed at 36 weeks, crossing our fingers we don’t need to go down that path.)

Without further a do…Tommy at 14 weeks.

20171219_192834 (2)
SO Long! Look at that spine.



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