A VERY Unicorn Christmas

The unicorn theme is running RAMPANT in the gifts under the tree this year …and its AWESOME. From unicorn socks to heated unicorn slippers I have been gifted to knowing what Brandi and her family will open on Christmas morning…

Not to mention when we pulled up in Mankato to meet V6 for Christmas lights last night and they handed Teagan a unicorn for her bday gift….

Here are some pictures Bryan (basically this blogs official photographer – thanks Bryan!) captured of us all last night – our squad of 9.5 celebrating Christmas.

25487362_10102611184742280_7115904618551439126_o.jpg25358516_10102611187900950_6452584360722776880_o (1).jpg


The night ended with Teagan playing peek a boo with Tommy, lifting up Brandi’s pea coat and tickling her little brother. Followed by a million giggles. ❤

Merry (Unicorn) Christmas!

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