Hello Second Trimester – Getting Ready for Tommy!


Tommy is 13 weeks this week! To say I am relieved we got to the second trimester is an understatement. I think every parent dreams of hitting 12 weeks but MAN when you have dealt with loss – the second trimester seems like a far off dream. Something so unattainable. We already have our next appointment – his 14 week appointment – scheduled for next Tuesday. That came up so fast!!

I have been BUSY getting ready for Tommy. Big sis is moving to the bigger room and her room will stay the nursery.

All the furniture will be staying put. Just planning to change out the design with something along the lines of a modern take on buffalo plaid, A Little Man Cave 😉


Source: Google Images, Hobby Lobby

Not to mention I am starting to buy boys clothes! Some of Tommy’s Christmas outfits for next year….

Source: Target.com

Since all of the furniture will stay in the nursery in order to get ready for Tommy I have been on the hunt for Teagan’s big girl room….currently the kitty room 😉 (We adopted 2 kittens this summer). So the kittens are getting booted out of the room and Teag’s new furniture is slowly going in.

I am OBSESSED with Joanna Gains so my first purchase for her new room were these Magnolia side tables – thanks Joanna 😉 The mattress and box spring for her new bed are also on their way!! The bed… however not so much. I am one indecisive mama on the bed LOL.


Source: Hom Furniture

Our hope is to get her in the room at least 3 months before Tommy comes home! We don’t want too many transitions all at once.

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