Big Sis Teags turns…3!?

When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said three things. A scooter (duh!), a bike (preferably Dora…), and her brother. And no that is not me just projecting. Truly that’s what she wanted. I even let her pick out some of her own gifts this year..and what did she do?! She headed to the boy section to pick out gifts for Tommy.


The idea that she is 3 this week…that I have been a mom now for 3 years. It seems like a lot for the first time. When she turned 2 it still seemed like I was a “” mom but this year it seemed like yup def mom status… Does this make sense to anyone else reading? I am probably just being emotional right now.

Birthdays do that to moms…

My Facebook kept reminding me how far we have come today. The first memory being of me 3 years ago ABOUT TO POP. The second memory last year – the facebook notification of me having to cancel her 2nd birthday party  because I was too sick…

I remember packing up all her party decorations I had bought last year and putting them in a bin – DETERMINED next year I would make it up to her for having to cancel her 2nd birthday party…. (That was one of the hardest things I have had to do. It was the moment MY sickness was now effecting my daughter. And that was heartbreaking.)

So this year I gave it everything I had to make it up to her. And we had a BLAST with her little toddler friends!

It’s hard to imagine…that next year Tommy will be at her party. I am soaking up every moment I can with all the 1:1 time we get right now. Just like any mom about to have a second child I am a huge ball of excitement for Tommy but I am also holding on to all these last moments with Teagan as an only child. All the time I can dedicate to JUST her.

I cherish it.

Teags, thank you for making me a mom 3 years ago. It has been the hardest most rewarding honor of my life.

Brandi, thanks for making me a mom a second time in a few months. How many people get to say that to someone other than their child – thanks for making me a mom…still and will always be in awe of you, this process, in the utter magic of this experience.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEAGS! You got the scooter today. The bike is in Santa’s workshop ;). And as for your brother, he’s in a unicorn’s oven. He’ll be there next year to help you reign in 4!

Your mom and dad LOVE you SO much and hope you had the best day ever.




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