We Have A Secret…

I am bursting with wanting to say something but I cant…wah!!!!

Believe me if I COULD I WOULD.

I know the blog has been a little quiet lately…but I assure you there is a reason. Brandi and I have been BUSY with an amazing opportunity that is in the works.

We can’t say anything for a couple more months. But stay tuned – when we can say something to you…you bet we will.

And its bigger than anything we could have EVER dreamed of. Okay Ill stop teasing you all…but seriously I cant wait to tell you what we have been up to!

In news that we CAN share…TOMMY IS 12 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That proverbial sigh of relief of… OMG we made it to 12 weeks… The week where the risk of anything happening goes down significantly. The week that people hold their breath to get to… ITS HERE.

Tommy you made it to week 12. Mommy and daddy could not be more relieved/excited/HOPEFUL.

I felt like I could FINALLY really start shopping this week.


It feels no different than when Teagan hit 12 weeks in my belly.

Nesting mode is in full effect and I love my little boy so much.

I am dreaming up nursery themes…think buffalo plaid 😉 Caroline, my twin sister, WHO ALSO FOUND OUT SHE IS HAVING A BOY JUST 9 WEEKS BEFORE TOMMY and I have  been gushing over boy clothes. Putting them on hangers and filling up the boy’s closets. I squeal getting to say that – the boys! ❤ Oh the fun those little boys will have together.

I dreamed of this moment for so long. And every time I get the opportunity to shop in the boys section or pick out decor for his nursery I think…this moment brought to you by Brandi.

When Tommy takes his first steps, says his first word, GRADUATES…in the back of my mind I will always think…this moment brought to you by Brandi. The AWE of what she is doing will never EVER go away. Ill be thanking her for the rest of my life for every one of those precious little moments we get to have. Little moments that started this week when I got to start nesting. ❤


Him last week! He will be 12 weeks officially tomorrow!




One thought on “We Have A Secret…

  1. One of my favorite posts so far. Congratulations on your 12 weeks! And to read that you feel the same at 12 weeks with Tommy as you did at 12 weeks with Teagan… so, so encouraging for a future intended mommy to read! Lots of love to you and Brandi and your beautiful families! Happy nesting.


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