Our Little Graduate!

Tommy graduated this week!!! Today was his first OB appointment at a normal OB office and not an IVF clinic. He is now just like any other baby!

Today we got to see the hospital he will be born at and meet our new OB! This is where Brandi’s husband works as a PA and where Brandi’s insurance is through.

It was surreal making the drive down there – about 50 minutes south of us. Knowing this is the first of many treks down there and imagining racing down the highway when we get the call that Brandi is in labor. It was just all so exciting to think about.

At the appointment they did an ultrasound and Tommy is doing AMAZING. He is moving up a storm, kicking Brandi already, and has a heartbeat of 168 – the exact same as big sister ❤

They could barely get a photo of him he was moving so much (thus all the blur!) and he looked just huge.  He is the size of a strawberry this week….a Costco strawberry if you ask me 😉

Without further a do – Tommy at 10 weeks everyone!

(I swear he is waving to you all!)

Tommy moving up a storm at 10 weeks!


Where Tommy will be born!

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