Baby Boy Daudelins’ First Halloween (sorta) and…the CHALKBOARD IS BACK!

Tory here!

First off – if you dont follow me on facebook HUGE NEWS from last Friday! There is one perfect baby boy in Brandi’s uterus with a HEARTBEAT!!! He now has a 95% chance of success the doctor said. <3!!!!!!!


Thank you for reading on Halloween! If you know me…you know I AM OBSESSED with Halloween, fall anything, and pumpkins. Even at 8 months pregnant with big sister, Teagan, we were celebrating getting our own little tricker treater…soon! Everyone at work called me a pumpkin that day – it was an honor 😉


Like we are REALLY obsessed…

And if you followed my pregnancy with Teagan you know that I documented the whole thing with a chalkboard every week! The below pic was approx the same week as Teagan’s “first” Halloween!


So needless to say we are pretty darn excited to have a SECOND tricker treater next year!!! And although he is a June baby and Teagan was a December baby, so the bumps are a bit different in size – his little bump made his presence known this week!


Look at that sweet little bump!?

(And not to mention how much better is her handwriting than mine ha!)


On his “first” Halloween Baby Daudelin is 7 weeks along and the size of a blueberry! Next Halloween we will have a 4 month old!

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