Oh Pregnancy Brain!! Have mercy on me!

Seriously! Another missed appointment.  Today was volunteering in my son’s and after that my daughter’s classes…something I do every Monday! So nothing new!  And I didn’t realize it until I was talking on the phone with my mom around noon.  It’s very frustrating!  I am usually so organized with dates and places.  I can usually multitask with the best of ’em!  Lately, the word “multitasking” is equivalent to the word “bored” — what are those words again?  LOL

So ‘pregnancy brain’…is it REALLY a thing?  I mean, c’mon, I’m 5 weeks along!  Really my brain is changing already?  So I thought, why not look it up?  See if it’s a real thing.

Yep.  Real thing.  Doctors have actually done real brain studies on this!  (Great, means I’m not really going crazy, right 🙂

So I looked up a few articles.  I will post them below if you don’t believe me!  And maybe some of you moms out there reading this are confirming what I’m saying.  Nodding your head as you read this!  The struggle is REAL mommas!!  LOL

So a few of the words used through the 3 articles I read are:
* airhead 😜       *ditz  🤷‍♀️      *forgetfulness 🤦‍♀️

Yep.  Those could be used to describe me lately!  I forget appointments/volunteering.  I forget where I leave things.  I have most certainly been forgetting WHY I went into a room!  And I have trouble concentrating (especially if I’m trying to multitask – something I’m usually pretty good at!)

So these 3 articles sum it up nicely:  hormones, lack of sleep and common in the 1st and 3rd trimesters.  So here are some quotes that struck me dead on the head.

* There is a “storm of pregnancy-induced hormonal changes”.  www.latimes.com

* “pregnancies fluctuating waves of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other sex-hormones are unlike any other hormonal roller-coaster ride experienced over a woman’s lifespan.”  latimes.com  🎢

* “hormones having fun”  whattoexpect.com   (Haha….very funny.)

* “normal…to be forgetful when you’re busy, stressed or short on sleep.”  WebMD.com

* “15-40 times more progesterone and estrogen marinating” (nice word, huh) “the brain during pregnancy.”  WebMD.com

* “Hormones also affect spatial memory — which includes remember where things are — in pregnant women and new moms.”  WebMD.com

So the WebMD article has a section on “How to Help Your Memory”.  There were a few different suggestions, but the one I thought, “Yeah, right!” to was
“You need to simplify other areas of your life.”

Mmmm-hmmmm.  I have 4 kids who run me in literally every direction possible.  Plus my schedule and my husband’s schedule!  And I LOVE to volunteer, so I don’t want to say no to that!  I have to get laundry done.  Clean up my house.  Exercise — I’m already wondering what that is because it’s been so long!  Oh yeah, and I want to spend time with my kids playing….once their homework is done!  Ayayay.  🙃

So, in reality, I need to try to get more sleep.  I need to write things down (even on my hand, one site said).  I already put things into my google calendar on my phone, but I need to put an alarm on EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them! LOL. 🛎  And I may need others to just send me a message or call me if they know I’m supposed to be there and I’m not…yet!  (I actually sent my son’s teacher a message and said to call me or text me if I’m not there after 10 minutes!  Sorry Mrs. P!) And all 3 sites said just laugh it off.  😂  Don’t take myself too seriously.  They must not know me too well. 😉 😉

Luckily this pregnancy brain hasn’t made me forget adding all the hormones in my body, or taking my prenatals!  So I guess that’s good!!  Just another 7 weeks of this…lol.   💊💉

So, if you’re wondering if pregnancy brain is real…or Momnesia…Oh, it so is!!  LOL

The forgetful Unicorn



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