Team T4!!! It’s Official!

(Teagan jumping for joy when she heard the news!)


T4 guys. Its official. Well maybe T3.5. 😉 I say this basically bouncing right along with my very excited little girl who is going to be an AWESOME big sister.

The blood test  at the IVF clinic to confirm what all the positive home pregnancy tests were saying…well its results are IN.

And as the nurse put it, “Brandi is VERY pregnant.”

Lets let that sink in for a bit.  Breath. Breath. Breath. Exhale. Relief. AHHHHHH!!!

I yelled the longest almost song like YAYAYAYAYAY of my life and Teagan started giggling in delight into the phone to the nurse.

What they did today is called her first beta. Translated this means her first pregnancy hormone reading via a blood draw. Anything over 50 would have been good.

Brandi’s level? 327!!!!!!!!!!

Not only is she pregnant – she is VERY pregnant. So I know everyone is like wait what…Tory are you alluding to something?! And the answer is… I don’t know, maybe??!! They wont tell us. But yes its high. It could be a strong singleton. Or it COULD be twins aka he split – no one will know until an ultrasound. Oh the unexpected twists. They never seem to stop coming.

On Weds Brandi will head to the clinic for her second beta test. They want to see her 327 number double. The levels should be doubling every 48 hours. And assuming we pass that we have our first ultrasound the week of Oct 30th. This will be we when they can see how many are in there and if there is a heartbeat. If we pass the ultrasound the rate of him surviving and being born goes up to 95%!!!

I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrate tonight with margaritas. Oh the irony! (Unicorn don’t you worry. In 8 months I will SO be buying you the drinks.) 😉



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