Miracles do happen

BRANDI IS PREGNANT. WE are pregnant.

This crazy wild idea – it worked?! We actually pulled this off?!! (Well getting to this point anyway but STILL!) I can’t believe our baby boy is growing in Brandi’s stomach. Its happening. This is ACTUALLY happening?!

That about sums up my reaction to the news today. Utter disbelief.

As you saw we BARELY made it to the next step – almost every step we had to take in this process. We just skirted by to the next level every. single. time.

Brandi and I had agreed that Monday we would start taking pregnancy tests. We knew it was a long shot but wanted to give it go – we have only waited 9 months to get this point so patience is well…limited. Ha!

The last two mornings we have been video chatting live from Brandi’s bathroom – at 6 am AKA pee o’ clock (its best to test with your first urine of the day – TMI I know.) Brandi has wanted to make me feel as involved as possible and I love her for that. So together at 6am  we wake up – get on video chat and watch the home pregnancy sticks until they show a result.

Yesterday nothing appeared. This morning nothing appeared again. So we chatted a bit. And then just as Brandi was about to hang up she said let me just check one last time  – she gasped! Tory there is a line!!!! Tory do you see it??? I couldn’t on my phone. Cue Bryan and her son Alexander running in (family affair haha) and they start yelling they see it too!!!

I still couldn’t see it. So I ran and put my contacts in and got my computer so I could blow it up  – and low and behold a VERY faint line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO early – he only went in not even 4 days before at this point. The pregnancy test was amazing to catch it.

Although I was convinced (Brandi also started having a sore chest and exhaustion the last couple days) I wanted to wait until we had a digital test done to let you all know. So at 2:00 Brandi tested again and HOLY CRAP  – the test said YES! This unicorn was pregnant! We did another line test for good measure and it was so much darker than even this morning!!!!!!


I want to give a HUGE shout out to my cousin Christine. She happens to work at First Response on pregnancy tests. She sent Brandi a CASE of their brand new pregnancy test kits – that allowed us to test this early.

The kit is called Triple Check and gives you 3 tests all in one package. The one we used to detect SO early on was the Early Result pregnancy test – it will tell you if you are pregnant 6 days before a missed period. It works!!! The digital test we used to give us reassurance that says, “Yes or No” was the Gold Digital test. The kit also includes a third test that gives you a rapid response in 1 minute vs. 3 minutes for ongoing testing.  Having this many tests was SO helpful. Triple check will be hitting stores this month.


A couple weeks ago my daughter Teagan had her 2 (almost 3) year old photos taken. I had the photographer snap this as the last shot…just in case we would have a pregnancy announcement soon ❤


So whats up next on this WILD journey?

On Monday we will have the blood test confirmation at the clinic and an ultrasound a couple weeks after that to confirm heartbeat. Right now Brandi is 3 weeks pregnant. Baby Boy Daudelin is due in mid June 2018.

 #Unicornsarereal….andpregnant  😉  #bigsisTeags!



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