Transfer Day!!! Call me P.L.U.T.O.

What an amazing day!  Seriously! So much to be thankful for!

My day started at 3:14 am.  I woke up wide awake and couldn’t fall back asleep.  As I thought about what the day was going to behold I heard this Bible verse very clearly. “Today is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24. I knew no matter what was in store for us, this day was going to be different and that I was going to rejoice in it no matter what. Because He is in control.

After bringing the kids to school Bryan took me out for breakfast at Crack of Dawn bakery. We delighted ourselves with sticky rolls to start our day off with sticky thoughts!  It was also National Coffee Day, so we also had a cup of coffee!



After cleaning up the house a little we headed for the cities.  We left at 10:20 so we could make a couple pit stops on our way to CRM.  I wanted to stop at Lakeville Target to get a few things.  While we were there looking at cards I found Bryan reading this book that was clearly put back in a spot where it didn’t belong.  Oh boy!  LOL. But there was one thing I had to do…

The Unicorn is at your service Tory!
What a big kid!

Our next stop was at Lifeway Christian Bookstore in Burnsville.  I wanted to get a gift for Tory & Travis.  But we had to get there before 11:15 so I could empty my bladder completely.  As we walked around the store I had to drink 24 oz of water, all before 11:45!!!  And I wasn’t going to be able to empty my bladder again until 10 minutes after the transfer!  Yikesers! At 11:45 I was instructed to take an anti-anxiety med, which was exactly 1 hour before “scheduled” transfer time. (More on that reaction later…lol.)  We were to arrive at CRM by 12:15, but we were a little early.  So Bryan and I took a selfie while we waited for Tory and Travis.  Once the two Ts got there we exchanged gifts (I didn’t know or expect them to bring me a gift! How sweet of them!)  It was actually another gift from my friend (and fellow surrogate), who bought one of these unicorns for each of us as a gift from Tory as well!


We went upstairs and waited until we were called back.  Once in the room we took some pictures, got our scrubs on, took some more pics, then waited for doc to call for our turn.


So just like any other doctors office visit, we had to wait a little while longer than our 12:45 transfer time. Doc came in around 1:20 for Tory and I to sign a consent form.  It was really happening!!!


A couple minutes later I was ready to head back to the transfer room!  I gave my hubby a kiss and switched rooms.  All 4 of us were able to be in the room to watch as this truly amazing moment was about to happen!  It was enough to bring tears to my eyes.  As Tory’s Unicorn, I was about ready to do my job! And for me, my 20 year dream of becoming a surrogate was about to become a reality!


Once in the room, the tech did an untrasound via my belly to see the placement of my lining where baby Boy T was going to make his home.  Doc did a trial transfer again, which meant he wanted to make sure that he knew where my cervix and uterus were when it came time for the actual transfer. This took about 30 seconds. He then called through this window in the room for a nurse to get the embryo in a pipette that would be used for transfer.  Doc explained what he was about to do, which helped me to stay calm.  Then, watching the monitor, Doc put the pipette into my cervix and slowly pushed the fluid holding baby boy T into the middle of my lining!  And I forgot to mention that from the ultrasound, NO fluid was seen, and from Doc’s point of view, the lining looked perfect!!!!!

(On a complete side note, this for me was a miracle. That morning I spent some time in prayer. Literally talking out loud.  I asked God, who is a miracle worker, that if there was still fluid on the outside of the lining, to please let it NOT affect the transfer and the little embie implanting into the lining.  Then I asked Him, as the God of miracles, to please make those pockets of fluid just disappear.  With my faith and hope in Him who can do all things, I had to ask.  At the mention of hearing the fluid was gone, I immediately prayed in thanksgiving!)


After transfer I had to lay on the table to 10 minutes. After that I was allowed to empty my bladder! Then I had to come back to our original room and lay down for another 30 minutes before we went home.  There were hugs and lots of smiles knowing the transfer went really well! Now is the 10 day wait until the blood test to determine pregnancy!  May be the longest 10 days we’ve had throughout this journey!  But hopefully well worth the wait!!

On our way home, Bryan and I stopped again at Chic Fil-A (seriously, can you tell how much I love this place! It’s the ice that keeps me coming back!). Then headed for home…to 24 hours of bed rest.  Tory and Travis and Teagan brought down supper for all of us.  Her neighbor made some delicious lasagna and homemade bread! (Thank you!) And Tory baked brownies which were delicious! They brought down some beautiful gifts; an orchid plant, pineapple, a mug that says, “don’t quit your DAYDREAM”, and an emoji balloon from Teagan.  The most meaningful gift was the necklace she gifted me.  On her card she wrote how two heartbeats are literally intertwined.  (Cue tears again)


Two heartbeats intertwined!
Yay for unicorns!

Seriously, this journey has been amazing, even with the roller coasters we’ve been on.

I’ve been having some pretty good cramping, which is a good thing…means baby boy T is burrowing in the lining. It’s to be expected.  So here’s being hopeful until we wait  for October 9th -the official blood test! Until then, call me P.L.U.T.O. – pregnant lady until told otherwise!



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