Tomorrow is a BIG day! (ūü¶Ą POV)

Usually I use a song as a title of my blog posts, because as I always say, there’s a song for everything! ¬†But today’s rollercoaster of emotions has my mind in such discombobulation that I can’t think of a song. ¬†(After reading this, if you can think of a song, comment on here or on Facebook with an appropriate title!)

So I had my last appt today to do one last check of my lining before scheduling the transfer tomorrow. ¬†I went in thinking all was going to be well. ¬†Luckily Tory was able to come with me again, last minute. ¬†And I’m very glad and thankful she was able to ¬†come (thank you Mama S!). ¬†They started with the ultrasound, checking to make sure that the fluid was gone from the middle of the lining. ¬†As of Sunday it was gone, but there were small nodules of what may be fluid, could be mucus, on the outside of the lining. ¬†So they wanted to check me one more time today, 24 hours before transfer, to see if those were gone.

They weren’t.

And this is when it got real. ¬†That maybe there wasn’t going to be a transfer. ¬†We had to wait until the nurse came in, but more importantly when the doc could look at the ultrasound pics. ¬†Doc was in, ¬†but we weren’t sure if we were going to have to wait until later for him to look at the info and the clinic would call us. ¬†I’m sure I can speak for Tory in saying that we were relieved and thankful that he just came in to go over what he saw with us, and what this meant for our near future.

He’s not sure why the spots are there. (I think it’s because of the meds and my body wondering why the heck I keep feeding them to myself when it already knows what to do when it comes to pregnancy…but that’s just my two cents worth.) ¬†He gave us (really Tory and Travis) some options.

1. We could still go with the transfer tomorrow because my lining does look good! ¬†He doesn’t know if there will be any issues with these spots on the outside because they are rare. ¬†So it would still be a chance we have to take. ¬†If we do the transfer tomorrow, do they transfer the boy or the girl? ¬†With the girl, I would have to have an amniocentesis. ¬†Not something I want to do, ¬†but I knew going into this surrogacy journey over a year ago that this could be a possibility. ¬†My only hesitation with an amino is the potential for Tory and Travisto want to abort the baby. ¬†And my faith being as it is, I don’t ever want to do that.

2. We could stop this cycle, let me have a menstrual cycle, the. Start a whole new cycle from scratch, this time changing up some of my meds and/or the way I am getting them into my body. ¬†Given that we would have a “perfect” babysitting pouch the second time around, the transfer would be set for the very end of the year!

Tory and and Travis have made the decision to go ahead with the transfer tomorrow!!! ¬†I am praying. ¬†HARD! ¬†I am staying hopeful! ¬†But all prayers from you followers would mean so much to us right now!! ¬†Please and thank you. ¬†I pray first that God’s will be done. ¬†But in His name I pray that this embryo cuddles up nice and cozy and stays there for the next 37-38 weeks! (I’m already 2 1/2 weeks pregnant at transfer!)

On a completely different note, after doing my progesterone shots for 4 nights, the side effects have begun…yay! ¬†Wednesday I felt nauseous, did a little dry heaving, but was able to keep down some crackers. ¬†Last night I was feeling nauseous again as I waited to pick up my oldest from church. ¬†Today…whole other story. ¬†Woke up feeling great…normal. ¬†Put on my workout clothes bc I knew I was going to workout after my appointment. ¬† Check in just a few minutes later…feeling nauseous AGAIN! ¬†I asked my hubby to make me some toast. ¬†Felt ok, but momma duties called as I was trying to get kiddos ready for the school day. ¬†My body, however, had other plans…lol. ¬†Commence the barf bag. ¬†Yep, this may be a new reality. ¬†The toast did NOT sit well in the belly and was now out of it. And I’m not even pregnant…c’mon! Lol

But all in all, I am staying hopeful.  Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day!  One full of sticky thoughts for this little embryo!!


PS. I know you’re wondering which one are we transferring! ¬†I am going to leave that up to Tory to share on her blog account of today! ¬†ūüôä



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