(Unicorn here!)

This title seems so daunting, doesn’t it?  I have never walked a mile in the shoes of someone struggling with infertility.  And while I praise God for that, I can’t help but think how, to someone who IS trudging through that, it probably seems impossible many days.

And THAT’S why I’m choosing to be a surrogate.  So maybe it’s NOT impossible, but POSSIBLE!

Today I had my first check-up appointment since starting my Lupron injections!  I was nervous going into it, to be honest.  I kept checking daily, on different sites, for the side effects I would be having with just the Lupron.  And for the last 9 days I had very few (a couple hot flashes, but mild, and 1 day with a TERRIBLE headache).  While I was VERY thankful, I questioned whether my body was reacting and responding to the medicine.  Was I doing the injections correctly?  Was I not experiencing the side effects because the meds weren’t working?  Going into this morning I was a little nervous.  Going through this means making a family possible for Tory and Travis.  What if I let them down?

I got to my appointment and they did the ultrasound first. They were looking to make sure my lining was under 5 mm.  It was!!!  It measured 3 mm!! Ok, my body was responding, at least according to this measurement!


But the technician still had to see what my ovaries were doing, as that was the point of doing the Lupron injections, to essentially put me into menopause, shut down my system.  Well, calming my fears was the information that both my ovaries are sleeping!  Yay!!

The last part was drawing blood to check my estrogen levels.  They are a great low level, so I’m clear to start my next regiment tomorrow, which is adding estrogen back into my body to thicken up my lining!  And every few days I will be adding more until I am up to 2 mg 3 times a day!  Now I wonder what side effects I’ll get…stay tuned (as I told my hubby).

When I got back to my car, the song Impossible by Building 429 was on.  I seriously couldn’t believe it.  The words are PERFECT!  (Click on the link to see for yourself!) Through doing this surrogacy journey, and the fact that Travis and Tory are so trusting of me with their baby (in 3 weeks from today!!!!), we are going to rise above the typical with this dream that we all have, even if it does seem like it’s a million miles away! And it may take a little bit of time to see and believe what could actually happen, but I know that anything is possible when we trust the God of miracles!!

(And just in case, I wore my new Unicorn TOMS for good luck!)


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