IVF Results

Tory here!

We are now approx a week past egg retrieval surgery….

The bruises from IVF are fading and I am thrilled to say I am back home and feeling almost back to normal after surgery.

To anyone reading doing IVF I highly suggest taking 2 or 3 days off afterwards. It’s a hard few days recovering. Have a heating pad, lots of tylonol, protien powder or bars, and electrolyte drinks. (Huge thank you to my mom for watching Teagan and I this past week. Hubby was traveling for work).

If you follow my facebook I have been updating you on the eggs, now embryos. On Monday we learned all 6 fertilized. On Weds we learned 5 were still growing, 2 looked excellent, 2 looked good, and one looked questionable.

Today we learned our final count, 2. Two made it. The other 3 “fizzled” out as the embrologist said.  One of them is considered good quality and one is fair/poor.

I’ll be honest, how did I react hearing that news?

I wouldn’t say I punched my table but I slapped it (mature I know), I went to the bathroom because tears started welling up and I had to hide them from my toddler, I texted unicorn and hubby the news, and then I went to my happy place…the MN state fair. I proceeded to eat my feelings in the form of turkey ribs, sconuts, and maple creme cold press…

IVF is a rollercoaster. One where you think you are winning and then you get hit over the head with a brick when you least expect it.

So what’s next for the two embies?

Right before they froze them this am, they took a cell out of each one. That cell will be overnighted on a plane to a lab in CA. That lab will conduct PGS testing and we will get results in 7 to 10 business days. PGS testing goes down the DNA strand and makes sure each chromosome is correct. A fun bonus is it tells you gender too – not that that will factor at all in our decision. Stongest one goes in! But still fun none the less.

Last time we sent in 4 embies and only one had viable DNA, but that embryo has some big question marks.  (They were only 80% confident her DNA was sound. They like to be in the high 90s. And at 70% or lower they would say she is NOT normal. Two critical chromosomes had some big unkowns and one of the chromosomes that they questioned is critical to her being even able to implant – plus she is a fair/poor rating. The lab in CA said she was a  plan B but not a strong plan A and advised us to do one more round of IVF)

The others had critical chromosome issues that made them not viable. Brandi’s body would have miscarried or they would have never implanted in the first place.

One tech told us of all the embryos that get PGS tested about 50% are normal and have sound DNA.

So now we hope and pray and WAIT.

Just one good one please. I said I would be happy if we just got ONE strong one and I’ll stick to that.

Good quality embryo please have sound DNA…


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