Ready or Not, Here (they) Come, You Can’t Hide!

(Unicorn post)

Today was the start of my injections.  Lupron to be exact. Just a small needle, the size of what a diabetic needle probably is.  Went in my belly.  Didn’t hurt, but after several minutes it started itching, turned red and a little blotchy.  But give it an hour or so and it was back to normal!


So not a big deal, right?!  Until I researched the side effects that could, and most likely will, be coming!

Ready or not, here they come!

Side Effects include (but are not limited too…):

nausea, constipation, headaches, dizziness, and the most likely to appear, hot flashes and insomnia

Woo Hoo!  So while I already don’t sleep through the night most nights, this will enhance that.  But with that, some women have experienced some pretty vivid dreams.  Should I be blessed with those I will have to journal about those!  Could be pretty interesting to say the least.

So for the next 3 weeks, as I suppress my ovulation, my family will also be experiencing the roller coaster ride I am jumping on.  Hot flashes, crabbiness, persistent tiredness.  Should be fun!

Luckily, after talking with a friend who is on her surrogacy journey, just a week before my timeline, she said after I start my hormone replacement (more on that later) my headaches and hot flashes will go away!  And that starts Sept 7, so maybe these side effects won’t be so long-lasting!

But ready or not, here they come!

(As requested by my hubby, a link to this song bc he doesn’t know this one. Ready or Not by the Fugees



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