Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

(Brandi here!)


Tonight was a fun night!  As I am approaching the true beginnng of my surrogacy journey (injections), it’s also the closing of another (drinking alcohol).

A couple weeks ago our friend, Sue, asked when I was starting my injections, but more importantly when I had to stop drinking…lol.  She wanted to set up a date with our church community (small) group to take us out for a beer before  I couldn’t drink anymore!  (Yep, we church folk can still drink…I know some of you thought that.).   Well, I get to start poking myself in the belly on Monday, so what better time than tonight?!?!

So we started out at Faribault’s local brewery F-Town for a beer!  Then we headed to a great locally-owned restaurant, The Depot, for some great food and drinks (with even better company!)!  Time to celebrate some upcoming good times, right?

But in all seriousness, how amazing are the people in the above picture?!  They have been so supportive since sharing this journey with them back in the winter!  They have prayed, and will continue to pray, for me, for Tory and Travis and Teagan and especially for this baby we are about to start growing!  Bryan and I feel beyond blessed for the friendship and love we feel from these Godly people!

Thank you Dick & Sue and Chad & Breauna! Our hearts continue to be filled by you.  I’m very excited to navigate this journey with you knowing you are praying for everyone involved.


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