Shots are DONE; Trigger Shot and Battle Bruises

received_10200976674078763Tory here!

No more IVF shots!!!!!!!! We just injected the super intimidating  trigger shot into my butt muscle. The LAST shot!!!!!!! I stimulated for 12 days (last time was 9), felt like the longest IVF in history.

My hubby just injected the above shot into my butt muscle 😲😒😕.

We were instructed to trigger at EXACTLY 8:30 tonight. Surgery is 8:30 am Saturday. 36 hours from right now.

We are estatic to be near the end! You know the term tiger stripes in pregnancy? I present battle bruises in IVF.

(After three shots a day my tummy is very happy to be done. As nerve racking as it is to post belly shots on the internet I know some women reading who are doing IVF or will be soon! I wish someone had shared what it physically looks like, so I sucked it up and posted it anyway #pleaseexcusethemombod) 😘🙄









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