IVF Day 11 Update – Trigger Shot is tomorrow!

received_10200973923049989Tory here!

I can’t even believe I am writing IVF Day 11?! You guys this is a looonnnnngggg IVF. I am going to go into some technicalities that I have been avoiding to not confuse people – but at this point everything is a technicality.

I had my ultrasound this morning and 13 of the eggs are measuring over 15mm with 5 right on the cusp of being 15mm! They want them to be between 15-20mm, but no larger than 20mm in size. Now when I say eggs – truly what they are measuring are follicles, basically the sacs that contain an egg. Basically the follicle has to measure 15-20mm to have a good enough chance that the egg inside is in fact mature/big enough.

(And not every follicle contains an egg. Most do in my experience from last time, but not all. Size is the biggest indicator however that there is an egg  in there.)

The biggest follicle I have is 18mm and they grow 1-2mm a day. This means we can still go one more day and the biggest one wont be over 20mm (they expire after a certain point) WHILE still giving the 5 on the cusp one more day to get over the 15mm threshold.

Are you confused yet?? Because honestly I wish I could better explain it but IVF is CONFUSING.

The nurse drew a large circle on my upper butt this am with a sharpie. This is to tell Travis where to inject my trigger shot – which I will take tomorrow after yet another ultrasound in the am. The trigger shot is a HUGE needle that is injected into the muscle. It contains HCG. This is my final shot and will trigger the eggs to mature and be open to insemination. Basically it will put my eggs in the same state they would be right before I would ovulate naturally – so that they are mature and receptive to sperm.

Egg retrieval surgery will be EXACTLY 36 hours after the trigger shot – so Saturday!

My friend made the best joke – don’t jump you’ll make an omelette. And it basically perfectly describes how I am feeling. FULL. But otherwise really really good! And so much better than last time!

(Here is the latest pic above! Overachiever left ovary is the bottom one.)




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