IVF Update Day 9….Grapes, oh the grapes!

Today is day 9 of IVF! I had my ultrasound this morning to check in on the eggies and it appears 13 are on the board! Aka over 10mm, meaning on track to be big enough! They are sitting right now between 11mm and 14mm. The clinic wants them to be between 15-20mm (aka the size of grapes) when we do the surgury. SO surgury is being pushed from Wednesday to Saturday.

In IVF you take shots for anywhere from 9-12 days. Last time on day 9 I was done, which is why surgury this time was anticipated to be Weds (36 hours after the last shot). But it looks like this time around I will be doing shots for 12 days. Which is fine, numbers are looking good they just need a little more time to grow.

The left side is throbbing at times, 10 of the 13 are in the left ovary. Seriously slacking right ovary has 3 of them. Basically by Thursday I’ll have this equivilent inside of me. 13 grapes!


Also want to know what a womans stomach looks like after 9 days of IVF shots? We hit a blood vessel with this morning’s shot. Oops!


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