Q&A:Questions for Brandi answered

Now it’s my turn!  Thank you, all of you who asked a question for Tory or me to answer.  Tory got to answer her questions a little bit ago….so here go mine!

Q: Will Brandi do surrogacy after this baby again?

A: I’ve actually been asked this question a few times!  And my answer – I’m not sure.  Honestly, in my head and heart I want to say Yes!  But, not knowing how this entire journey will go, it’s probably safer to wait and see.

I can tell you that the journey so far with Tory and Travis has been Ah-mazing!!  And honestly, I’m not sure that I would be so lucky to find another couple who truly trusts me the way they do.  It’s been so refreshing so far to know that Tory and Travis trust me with something so truly precious.  And trust me, I don’t take, and won’t take, this pregnancy lightly!!  I am a gestational surrogate because I want so badly for another couple to have a baby!  Why would I jeapordize SO much when this is a journey that I have prayed about for SO long?

So, if this journey goes well, and my family is supportive of me being a GS again, it would have to be for the right couple!

Q: How many babies is Brandi willing to carry?

A: As per our contract I would only be able to transfer 2.  However, that’s not the question. 😉  I would certainly carry twins!  If the doc said my body is healthy enough to carry triplets, and they were all healthy, AND Tory and Travis were willing to take triplets home, then I feel I would have the support system to carry triplets.  That being said, I would be scared to death!!!  But, the doc is planning to only transfer 1 embryo, which has the potential to split into twins, but the percentage is quite low.

Q: (Part 1) Is Brandi scared about her feelings after delivering the baby?

A: I have to say I haven’t honestly given a whole lot of thought to this question.  I know that may seem weird or naive of me.  My post-delivery thoughts that I have had are more surrounding the joy and excitement I will see on Tory’s and Travis’ faces!  The tears that will flow because of the miracle and bundle of joy that I just brought into their family!

Am I scared for the feelings that will come in the days following? Not really.  I don’t think “scared” is the right word.  Interested – yes.  After my second baby I had post-partum depression really bad.  It truly is what I consider hell on earth.  I would NEVER wish what I went through on anyone!! (I tear up as I think of what I missed out on in that year that I thought I could get over it on my own.  And I know this doesn’t really answer the question, but if ANYONE you know seems to be going through this, PLEASE get them help! Even if they think they don’t need it!)

But having gone through that I was able to heal (by the grace of God and medicine and my family) and was able to spot signs of it starting again with my 4th pregnancy.  What I learned is that it happens when I am pregnant with girls!  So this is maybe what I am most nervous about, and truly hope that I don’t have to worry about this since it’s not my DNA.

Q: (Part 2 – and probably the question really being asked) Does she think it will be difficult to go home without the baby?

A: I have a feeling this will be the part that may be the most difficult for my head, heart and body to figure out.  My head and heart know and are ready for there to be no baby coming home.  My body, that’ll be another story potentially.  I think with all the changing hormones that a woman has after giving birth, a baby helps.  I know it certainly does with breastfeeding.  Although I will be pumping, I think this will be the confusing part for my body.  I guess only time will tell, but I wouldn’t say I’m scared, just curious on how to navigate. (I have already asked a few of my friends and my mother-in-law to be ready for me to call crying when my hormones are all out of whack!)

But, honestly, I’m going into this journey feeling and knowing that my family is complete!  I’m going on this journey knowing I want to give this baby to his/her parents.  But I have to admit it will be nice to get to sleep through the night (other than the whole pumping thing….but I’m pretty sure I can do that half asleep.)

Q: Why is Brandi willing to do all this?

A: That’s a really good question.  Lol. As I was talking with my mother-in-law earlier tonight I was going through all the shots and meds I have to take, what those meds will put my body through (posts on those as I take them), plus just the journey of being pregnant, and then doing that all without bringing the “prize” home – a beautiful baby to hold and love and squeeze and dress up!  So I may be a little crazy!  But it’s because I’m crazy in love with my 4 kiddos!!

Truly, being a mom is my favorite hat to wear!! Hands down!  And when I really started exploring and praying about this surrogacy journey years ago, my heart broke for my friends (and all the other women I had no clue about because miscarriages and infertility are such a hush-hush topic) who couldn’t experience what I was so over the moon about.  And after having 4 successful pregnancies and 4 beautiful and healthy babies, I feel like God is now giving me the opportunity to use what He has given me – a healthy uterus – to help another family.  I’m now the one who is blessed that it’s Tory and Travis and little Teags!!

Q: What kind of relationship do you hope to have with the baby and T3 after the birth?

A: I hope to have a close one!  I have always prayed that if God blessed me with this opportuniy to carry a baby for another family, that I wanted them to be close geographically.  I have experienced 4 pregnancies, 4 babies moving and hiccuping!  I want the IPs (intended parents) to experience their baby moving!

But I also want to be on the other side and watch as the baby that I took care of for 9 months grows, smiles, coos, crawls, walks, and becomes who God created them to be! But it’s not just me who desires for the close relationship, it’s my family, more especially my kiddos!  They have grown so close to the T3, and I have no doubt will love the baby as well, that they would be very saddened if we didn’t get together every couple months, see pictures, hear stories, along the way.

Luckily for me I am pumping so they will be forced to see the V6 weekly! Lol

I know this was a book.  Those of you who know me shouldn’t be surprised! Lol.  If any of these answers sparked any other questions (or if we forgot any) please ask away!  Until our next post, blessings on all of you!

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