Here comes the Easter Bunny with a basket full of eggs…IVF day 7 Update!

Today is day 7!? Whoa. This is going by fast. This morning I had my ultrasound and drum roll…..

They counted 24 eggs!!!!!! Forget being a penguin. Call me the Easter Bunny!

Over achiever left ovary has 17 and the right one has 7. The numbers are similar to my last ivf attempt. BUT what was super exciting was the size of the eggs. 1 of them is on the board aka big enough. 9 of them are on the cusp! So basically I have 10 players right now. They only retrived 9 total last time. Super exciting!

I go in Monday for what is hopefully my last ultrasound before surgury Wednesday.

Beside the cramping in my stomach if I over do it , I’m  actually feeling pretty good! After day 6 they had me take a new shot that keeps me from ovulating this late in my ivf cycle and it seems to be taking the edge off the bloating, headaches and hot flashes!!!!! Winning!

Well I need to sign off. The unicorn squad is coming over for dinner to celebrate together…all 9 of us!1503177283595916619999.jpg

The napkins out on the counter say, “Happy Easter” 😉 Get it???? IVF egg celebrations at their finest 😉







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